Mangal Dosha Effects Remedies Procedure Temples Information

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Besides Mangal Dosha, there are a few more names for this astrological imbalance: Kuja Dosha, Bhom Dosha, and Angarakha Dosha. It’s a common dosha that can have an equal impact on both genders. The position of Mars (also known as Mangal) in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of a person’s horoscope is considered favorable. This dosha is triggered by its presence in any of these six houses (out of a total of twelve). Mangliks are those who are affected by this dosha.

This dosha can be a source of conflict in a marriage, and in extreme cases can even lead to the breakdown of the relationship. If you have a strong Mangal Dosha, it could mean you’re about to experience some professional or financial setbacks.

Mangal Dosha Effects Remedies Procedure Temples Information

The good news is that the harmful effects of Mangal dosha may be neutralized with the use of certain therapies. It’s possible to follow particular chants and practices. Please find a list of them below.

1. Mangliks getting hitched

This dosha is canceled out if both people in the relationship are Mangliks. Its negative effects are nullified, and the couple is free to enjoy a fortunate and happy marriage.

2. Kumbh Vivah

Kumbh Vivah is a Hindu ceremony performed when one spouse is Manglik to mitigate the consequences of Mangal dosha. Hindu Vedic Astrology prescribes that a Manglik be forced to wed either a banana tree, a peepal tree, or a silver or gold image of Vishnu.

3. Mars’ natal chart position

If the first house is Aries or Mesh in a person’s horoscope chart, and Mars or Mangal lives there, then the Mangal Dosha is said to be rendered ineffective since Mars is in its own house (Aries).

4. Fasting

Among the many treatments, fasting every other Tuesday is highly recommended. Those of the Manglik faith who are fasting today should stick to toor daal (split pigeon daal).

5. Chanting

On Tuesdays, those who identify as Manglik should recite the Navgraha mantra, also known as the Mangal Mantra. They may also recite the Hanuman Chalisa or the Gayatri mantra 108 times each day.

6. Temple Worship and Pujas

Mangal Dosha may be mitigated by making a pilgrimage to a temple dedicated to the Nine Planets. Unfortunately, even in India, there aren’t very many places of worship devoted to Lord Mangal. Tamil Nadu is home to some of the world’s most revered temples. Some may be seen in Assam’s capital of Guwahati as well. To mitigate the negative effects of Mangal dosha, these pujas are best performed on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays, you should go to Lord Hanuman’s temple and pray to him. Give a gift of vermilion and candy. Burn a ghee candle at the holy site as well.

7. Donations and other presents

Mangliks are said to be cured if they donate on Tuesdays. Swords or knives, masoor daal (a kind of red lentil), wheat bread, red silks, and red stones like corals are all thought to be appropriate offerings to Mars.

8. Gemstones

Display a golden ring set with a vivid red coral on your right ring finger. But before you start wearing it, have a reliable astrologer assess your horoscope.

Mangal Dosha Effects Remedies Procedure Temples Information

  • Vaitheeswaran Koil is located in the city of Kumbakonam in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Invoking Lord Siva and the God of Mars at this shrine has been fruitful.
  • The second is that you may lessen its intensity by conducting Abhisheka at the Tiruttani Lord Murugan (Subramanya Swamy) Temple. The location of the temple is convenient to Tirupati.
  • Tiruchendur Murugan Temple is a third Subramanya Swamy temple in TamilNadu.
  • Contact Information: 09994529454.

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Mangal Dosha Remedies After Marriage and Temples Information

  • First Marital problems, including separation or divorce, are more likely to occur when Mars is stationed in the first house.
  • Second Personal and professional spheres are both impacted by Mars’ placement in the second house. They tied the knot a reasonably long time ago.
  • Third When Mars is located in the Fourth House, career instability is experienced. Probably shouldn’t expect any advancement in their chosen field.
  • Fourth The person’s fury flares up when Mars visits the Seventh House. Relationships with his or her relatives will deteriorate.
  • Fifth Mars in the Eighth House indicates a slothful disposition. Not going to inherit anything from dad.
  • Sixth having Mars in the Twelfth House causes a great deal of financial hardship and emotional stress. There will be more people out to harm them.
  • Seven, the non-Manglik partner will die suddenly if this dosha manifests. The harshness of the Dosha in the natal chart is a determining factor.

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