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After renovating the temple, Janamejaya (son of Parikshit, grandson of Abhimanyu, and great-grandson of Arjuna) gave the location the name Punya puri. Another name for Punganur is Parasurama Kshethram. Punganur, a town in the Chittoor area in the Deccan Plateau’s southeast, is where the breed got its name. It can only live on dry feed and is very drought resistant.

It is currently in danger of being extinct. The location of Parasurama’s penance for Sri Varadaraja Swami is this. The Varadaraja Swamy Idol was installed by Sri Parasurama, who also asked Viswa Karma (the architect) to construct the temple for Manikya Varadaraja Swamy. Along with Viswa Karma, the sages Bhrugu, Bharadwaja, Angeerasa, Vashista, Markandeya, Athri, and Koundinya constructed this temple.

Manikya Varadaraja Swamy Temple History Cost Details

The creatures have short horns, a large forehead, and a pale gray color. It weighs 115–200 kg and is typically 70–90 cm tall. The cow consumes 5 kg of feed per day and produces 3 to 5 liters of milk on average per day. It can only live on dry feed and is very drought resistant. A unique breed of cow known as the Punganur cow is called after the city where it was first domesticated. It is typically 70–90 cm tall, light grey and white in color, with a broad forehead and short horns. It weighs 115–200 kg. The cow produces 3 to 5 liters of milk on average per day, with an 8% fat content as opposed to 3.5% in regular milk. It takes in 5 kilograms of feed each day.

Hindu mythology claims that Saraswati afflicted Indra, the ruler of the celestial gods, to transform into an elephant and roam the area. With the help of Vishnu’s divine power—who manifested as the mount Hastagiri—he was freed from the curse. Hastagiri denotes an elephant-shaped hill or mount. After being freed from the goddess Saraswati’s curse, it is thought that Indra, the king of the devas, installed the silver and golden lizards in the temple, which were witnesses to the ordeal. The temple is located in Chinna Kanchipuram, a neighborhood on the eastern side of the South Indian town of Kanchipuram in the Tamil Nadu state.

Hindu creator god and his wife Saraswati divorced after having a disagreement. He offered the Ashvamedha sacrifice in an effort to gain favor from Vishnu. As a result of Saraswati joining Brahma, Vishnu emerged as a boar from beneath the soil after being gratified by the devotion. According to a different version, Gautama’s followers were cursed to turn into lizards. By Vishnu’s divine favor, they were released from the curse and lived in the temple. The two lizards that can be seen on the temple’s roof are shown on a panel there.

Manikya Varadaraja Swamy Temple History Cost Details

  • Days honoring Mukkoti Vaikunta Ekadasi and Dwadasi will be lavishly honored.
  • The lunar calendar’s second month, Vaisaka Masam is devoted to Lord Maha Vishnu.
  • Vaisaka Masam, which begins on Vaisaka Suddha Astami and lasts for 11 days, is when the annual Brahmotsavam is held.
  • Another significant occasion that will be observed on Vaisaka Suddha Chaturdasi is Kalaynotsavam.
  • Temple had numerous renovations.
  • The design of this temple evokes Pallava and Chola cultures.
  • This temple dates back a thousand years.
  • Kanchi Purnar, also known as Thirukkachi Nambigal, was a devoted follower of this shrine. He used to bring flowers every day from his garden in Poovirundhavalli.
  • He carried out the Aalavatta Kaingariyam ceremonies, using a hand fan to create a breeze while he waved. 
  • Swami Nijaroopa Darshan is accessible every Friday following Panchamrutha Abhishekam.
  • Direct buses to Punganur depart from Tirupati Central Bus Station on a regular basis.

 Architect Facts In Varadharaja Swamy

On the eastern side of the temple tank, there is a shrine dedicated to Chakratalvar. Six hands are used to depict Chakratalvar (Sudarshana) at the temple. Seven different representations of Sudarshana are included within the same chakra in the temple’s festival image. The temple has two entrances since the two figures are thought to be independent. The Alvar Prakaram, Madai Palli Prakaram, and Thiru Malai Prakaram are the three outer precincts of the temple. There are 32 shrines, 19 vimanas (towers), 389 pillared halls, some of which are outside the complex, sacred tanks, and the majority of the lion-type yali sculptures. Anantha Theertham is the name of the temple tank.

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