Mannarpoluru Krishna Temple Nellore Timings Location History

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A substantial number of references to Jambavati’s wedding to Sri Krishna may be found in the historical site of Mannarpoluru. This is the location where Sri Krishna won his battle against Jambavanth in order to get Samanthakamani. According to the Brahmanda Purana, Sri Krishna engaged in battle with Jambavantha for a period of twenty-eight days.

This is how the location came to be known as “Malla Hari Poru Vuru” (where Lord Hari did Malla Yudham, a type of fight). Samanthakamani and Jambavathi, Jambavatha’s daughter, were the guests of honour when Sri Krishna met them. The years went by, and eventually, it became known by the name Mannarpoluru. The worship of Jambavathi, Sathyabhama, and Sri Krishna can only be found in this one time in all of India.

Mannarpoluru Krishna Temple Nellore Timings Location History

Around the 10th century, Chola King was responsible for the construction of this temple. Under the reign of King Manuma Siddhi, who governed Nellore in the 13th century, this temple reached its pinnacle of splendour. In the 18th century, Venkatagiri Raja bestowed five villages to the Temple so that it might continue to perform its religious rites. Temple hours are from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

In addition to the Idols of Satyabhama and Jambavathi, the two consorts of Lord Sri Krishna, this temple also has a 9-foot Garuda Idol, a 9.5-foot Jambavantha Idol, as well as Idols of Sugreeva and Jatayuvu. All of these may be found here. The audience is going to be astounded by the Idol of Jambavantha since it gives the impression that it is crying. Inside the grounds of the property is a temple that is dedicated to Lord Sri Rama.

Mannarpoluru Krishna Temple Nellore Timings Location History And Details

Garuda’s inflated sense of self-importance was brought down to size by Lord Maha Vishnu, according to yet another fascinating legend connected to this location. According to local folklore, the individuals who were responsible for constructing this Heritage Temple are said to have descended from Koundinya Rishi. It was constructed in the 17th century by Bangaru Yadama Nayudu at this location, which was once well-known for its Malla Yodhas (wrestlers). It is thought that this location is the homeland of the Malla Yodhas (wrestlers). Bangaru Yadamma Nayudu was the one who constructed the Temple in its current form in the 17th century.

Where May One Get Directions To The Mannarpoluru Temple?

  • The distance between Sullurpeta and the Mannarpoluru Temple is four kilometres.
  • Tirupati is located 71 kilometres distant from the temple.
  • There are buses that go directly to Sullurpeta.
  • 85 kilometres away from Chennai.
  • The closest train station is at Sri Kalahasti, which is about 35 kilometres away from the Temple.

Mannarpoluru Krishna Temple Nellore Significance

Mannarpolur is a tiny hamlet located on the banks of the ‘Kalindi’ river in the Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh. It is close to Sullurpeta and is where the famous battle between Jambhavant and Lord Krishna took place. This settlement, which is so quiet that it nearly seems like a teeny-tiny town, is home to an ancient temple. This must have been an important settlement in the past, probably far more significant than Sullurpeta, which seems to have had its beginnings only very recently.

The fact that this temple is thought to date back to the 10th century and is the only notable temple within a radius of around 40 kilometres gives credence to the notion that Mannarpolur must have been an important settlement at one point in time. After this temple, the next significant temple you’ll come across is at Srikalahasti, which is located in the Chittoor District, or in Nellore.

Mannarpoluru Krishna Temple Nellore Structural Importance

The structure of the temple itself is comprised of a wide variety of peculiar elements. At the most important shrine, Lord Krishna is shown with his consorts Satyabhama and Jambavathi. It is said that Lord Krishna gave the Samathakmani to Satyabhama, and because of this, it is claimed that Satyabhama and Jambavathi both worshipped at the main temple.

It’s possible that Jambavathi doesn’t appear in any other temples in the whole nation in her role as the Divine Wife of any other deities. A miniature statue of Lord Venkateswara may be seen on the left side of the Mahamandapa, right outside the Sanctum Sanctorum. This statue can be seen as soon as one enters the main temple.

There is a secondary temple dedicated to Sri Rukmini, also known as Soundaravalli Thayar, which can be found to the right of the main shrine. Hidden behind the main temple is a smaller shrine with a large moorthi dedicated to Jambhavant. Hanuman, Sita, and Lakshmana stand guard on each side of the shrine dedicated to Lord Rama, which is located to the left of the main entrance. There are two Dwajasthambams and two Balipeetams inside the same temple, one in front of the main shrine and the other in front of Sri Rama. This is a rare characteristic that can be seen in this particular temple.

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