Mantralayam Travel Package Cost Details Safety Measures

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It is said that Sri Guru Raghavendra attained the darshan of Hanuman in the form of Sri Panchamukha MukhyaPrana after engaging in penance at a location known as Panchamukhi, which is located not far from Mantralayam in modern-day Andhra Pradesh. His followers believe that Sri Guru Raghavendra is a reincarnation of Prahalada, the devotee who Vishnu rescued in his incarnation as Narasimha (see Vaishnava Theology).

On the other hand, Prahalada is considered a reincarnation of the Devatha Shankukarna from the Dwapara Yuga. Thus, Sri Raghavendra Swamy established his Brindavana at Mantralayam. Years after the aforementioned occurrence, Sri Raghavendra Swami was able to finally meet the Nawaab of Adoni in person. 

Mantralayam Travel Package Cost Details Safety Measures

Instead of showing him respect, the Nawaab decided to put his spiritual powers to the test by presenting the Swamiji with a platter of non-vegetarian delights that he had carefully concealed behind a piece of cloth. In order to gain the saint’s favor, it is common practice in Hinduism to donate alms as he travels from temple to temple. As is his custom, Swamiji poured some water from his Kamandala, sat quietly for a while, and then sprinkled the water and some holy ash on the covered dish.

After that, he cut into the platter. There were ripe fruits in there. The Nawaab felt instant sorrow and converted into a devoted followers of Swamiji. He sent an apology that included a promise to provide as much property and money as the Swamiji desired. Although the Swamiji politely declined any personal benefit from Nawab’s generosity, he did request that the area surrounding Manchale (modern-day Mantralayam), which was formerly Nawab-owned, be donated to the Matha. Sri Raghavendra Swami insisted on the arid and desolate area near Mantralayam, on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, even though the Nawaab of Adoni promised to grant him a more fruitful location.

Years later, while chatting to a devotee, he stated that the spot was especially holy since it was the site of King Prahalada’s yagnyas to Lord Rama during the Dwapara Yuga. These yagnyas took place during the time period known as the Dwapara Yuga. As a result of this, Sri Raghavendra Swamy relocated the Matha to Mantralayam so that he may work toward attaining enlightenment. In Mantralayam, Sri Guru Raghavendra was a fervent proponent of the practice of Annadhanam, which translates to “the giving of food.” Even up to this day, the Matha still relies mostly on donations to finance the operation of this practice.

Mantralayam Travel Package Cost Details Safety Measures

The highway between Bangalore and Hyderabad or the highway between Srinagar and Kanyakumari is the most direct route to Mantralayam from Bangalore.

  1. A trip of this distance typically takes about 7.30 hours or 390 kilometers.
  2. The historic temple of Lepakshi can be seen along the route. And it’s 123 kilometers from Bangalore. You’ll need to head 16 km towards the village after turning left at the Kodikonda circle.
  3. Once you’ve entered through Ananthpura, you can also go to the Iscon temple. That’s a beautiful temple, the perfect place to relax for a while.
  4. when you get to mantralayam, before entering the temple grounds, stop by the CRO office that’s close to the ATMs of the State bank. At 300 Indian Rupees, a room at a temple may house a family of three. You can leave your car here; there’s plenty of room.
  5. After the Darshana is complete, you can travel 20 kilometers to the Pancha Mukhi hanuman temple. The road conditions are poor, therefore it’s best to employ local transportation.

Facts to keep in mind :

  1. Until you reach mantralayam, there aren’t many high-quality accommodations available. Get some food and go on a trip.
  2. it’s been just too hot outside. Make sure you have a sufficient supply of water at all times.
  3. If you want to avoid the heat, it’s best to depart first thing in the morning. 

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