Maredumilli Tour Camp Cost Online Booking Package Details

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Maredumilli is a village in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. It is located on the Bhadrachalam – Rajahmundry highway. The village is located 85 kilometres from Rajahmundry, 112 kilometres from Kakinada, 118 kilometres from Bhadrachalam, 233 kilometres from Khammam, 241 kilometres from Vizag, 245 kilometres from Vijayawada, and 432 kilometres from Hyderabad.

It is one of the top places to visit near Rajahmundry and one of the greatest places to visit in Andhra Pradesh since it is situated in a forest that has a mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees. It is highly recommended that Vizag trip packages have Maredumilli as one of the main attractions. This picturesque tiny town in the Eastern Ghats has been transformed into an Eco-tourism Centre by the Forest Department thanks to its location in the region’s thick woods.

Maredumilli Tour Camp Cost Online Booking Package Details

The town of Maredumilli is known for its animals, natural beauty, and indigenous people. The indigenous people who have lived on these grounds for many years are responsible for the preservation and development of this woodland region. The whole area is breathtaking and scenic, consisting of verdant meadows that are bordered by rolling hills and many streams that run over undulating rocks.

Day 1

  1. Travelling through the woods for a distance of 2 kilometres
  2. Coffee Plantations in many countries.
  3. A makeshift home in the woods in the form of a tent
  4. Tent City of the Night
  • The morning meal/breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Evening Snacks
  • Dinner

Day 2

  1. Vali Sugreeva Medicinal Plants Area
  2. Jalatharangini waterfalls
  3. Nandanavanam
  4. Nagarjunavanam
  • The morning meal/breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Evening Snacks

Visitor Hours are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. The months of October, November, December, and January are recommended for travel. During this time of year, the water flow will be strong, which brings in a lot of people.

Maredumilli Tour Camp Cost Online Booking Package Details

  • Maredumilli is 100 kilometres from Rajahmundry
  • While going to adjacent locations, visitors are required to make use of the automobile.
  • It is very recommended that shoes be worn when hiking.
  • In the evening, we will set up a campfire for you to enjoy.
  • On this journey, we will make arrangements for food.
  • If an extra fee is paid, a single room may accommodate up to four guests.
  • On special request, tents will be set up at no additional expense to the customer.
  • Over the course of the excursion, we will have access to a tour guide.
  • Locations close to the Maredumilli Camp

Maredumilli Forest Details

The hamlet has a number of semi-evergreen woods, which make it an excellent location for outdoor activities in the wild and for being one with the natural environment. Almost four kilometres separate the community of Maredumilli from the Maredumilli Community Conservation and Eco Tourist Area, which can be found on the route that leads from Maredumilli to Bhadrachalam.

The Jungle Star Nature Camp is a veritable paradise for nature enthusiasts, as it gives guests a fantastic chance to go around the Eastern Ghats. The camp, which is situated next to the river Valamuru, has a stream that flows on three sides and provides a view of the Vali-Sugriva Konda from the time of the Ramayana.

Maredumilli is one of the most picturesque locations in south-eastern India because of its relative peace and quiet, its lush vegetation, its river, and its star-studded night sky. At Maredumilli, the most popular spots for tourists to go to are the Jalatarangini waterfall, the Amruthadara waterfall, the Manyam viewpoint, the Sokuleru viewpoint, the Bhupathipalem Reservoir, and the Rampa Falls.

Another well-known location in Maredumilli Forest, Valmiki Valley Vana Vihara Sthali is spread out across a hilly landscape and has a total area of 260 hectares. It may be found in a valley. This region is home to over 203 plant species, some of which are medicinal and others of which are rather uncommon. In the vicinity of Nandanavanam, there are additional APFDC coffee and pepper farms that may be visited.

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