Maredumilli Tour Rajahmundry 2 days Trip Packages Location

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In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, the hamlet of Maredumilli is located in the Maredumilli Mandal of the Alluri Sitaram Raju district. The distance to Rajahmundry city is 90 kilometres.

It offers lovely locations and several waterfalls. It has been a well-liked setting for many movies and television programmes throughout the years.

Maredumilli Tour Rajahmundry 2 days Trip Packages Location

  • Suit Type, Number of Suits, Rent per Day & Contact
  • VIP Suits 2 Rs. 300
  • Other Suits 3 Rs. 500
  • Telephone: 0884-2379381; fax: 0884-2364534; District Forest Officer, Kakinada.
  • Trekking Routes: 8 km from Valamuru to Amrutha Dhara; 2 km hike to a steep waterfall
    Cross-country trek: eight kilometres from Tiger Camp to Vijjuluru

Adventure Trek: Ten kilometres from Valamuru to Nelluru

1. 2-day excursion from Rajahmundry/Kakinada to Jungle Star Nature Camp, including transportation, admission tickets, lunch, and other services. – Rs.2500/-
2. 2-day journey (Excluding transport) The remaining items will cost Rs. 1750.
3. 2-day excursion with student package for grades up to 10.  (Without Transportation) Everything else is the same as before. РRs.1250/-

Other Packages:
(Min.50 Nos., on advance booking) Ecotourism region of Rajahmundry/Kakinada-Maredumilli – Rajahmundry/Kakinada (Includes lodging, travel, admission tickets, supper, and tour services) – Rs.300/-

  • Maredumilli Attractions:
  • Bhupathipalem Reservoir
  • Rampa Waterfalls
  • Pamuleru Vagu
  • Jalatarangani
  • Last Amruthadhara
  • Mothugudem Falls

Maredumilli Tour Rajahmundry 2 days Trip Packages Location

East Godavari District’s Maredumilli Forests are a part of the Eastern Ghats and have semi-evergreen woods and undulating topography in addition to having a rich biodiversity. Almost 4 kilometres from Maredumilli village, on the Maredumilli-Bhadrachalam road, is the Maredumilli Community Conservation & Eco Tourism Area. Any tourist will enjoy a fascinating encounter with nature in the area because of the numerous streams that flow over the uneven rocks in the dense forest.

With the active assistance of the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department, the local indigenous tribal group of the Valamuru, Somireddypalem, and Valmeekipeta Vana Samrkshana Samithi people manages the eco-tourism initiative. The project was successfully finished in a short amount of time thanks to the dedication of the extremely enthusiastic community participation and the World Bank-supported Andhra Pradesh Cooperative Forest Management Project’s timely funding support.

Also, this gave the native ethnic population a special chance to educate the public about conservation. The Vali-Sugriva Konda, which is said to have served as the Vali-battleground Sugriva’s during the Ramayana era, is visible from the woodland star campsite, which is situated not far from the Valamuru river that boasts streams running along all three of its perimeters.

The dramatic variety of the battleground, which comprises grassland and is flanked by trees on other hillocks, is what draws the visitor’s attention to the fabled tale.In connection with Tourism Development The Maredumilli Forests Rest House was built in 1914, and it is located in the village of Maredumilli.


  • Pickup from Rajahmundry at 7:00 morning with breakfast
  • 09:30 morning makes it to Maredumilli. Homes will be distributed (Two persons for one cottage)
  • Pamuleru Vaagu Waterfalls Tour at 10:30 morning
  • Lunch in the afternoon is a 12.30 veg lunch with free bamboo chicken.
  • Local forest sightseeing by walking after lunch.
  • 07.30 evening Free bamboo chicken and a vegetarian lunch will be offered.


  • 7:00 morning – morning meal
  • 8-morning cottage have a look
  • touring coffee plantations, pamuleru waterfalls, jala Tarantini, and nandhanavanam at 9:00 a.m.
  • 01:30 evening Lunch for vegetarians with a free bamboo chicken
  • 02:30 evening makes it to the Sitapalli Bhapanamma Temple for a visit,
  • 05:00 evening makes it to Rajahmundry.
  • Mistakes to avoid and Do’s:
  • Purchase admission tickets where necessary.
  • Keep the surroundings of the ecotourism area tidy.
  • Utilize trash cans
  • Drinking and smoking are strictly forbidden.
  • Use only non-Poly materials.
  • Carry no combustible items
  • Work with us for the greatest services.

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