Margasira Masam 2022 Telugu Start End Dates Calendar Timings

Know the latest details about the Margasira Masam 2022 Telugu Start End Dates Calendar Timings, Margasira Masam 2022 Telugu Start Date

The ninth month of the year on the traditional Hindu Telugu calendar is known as Margasira Masam. Both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh use this calendar in their daily lives. The first month of the traditional Hindu calendar was known as Margasira Masam, and it was also referred to as Agrahayana. Over time, Chaitram moved to its current position as the first month of the Hindu calendar. 

The Sun goes from the sign of Scorpio, known as Vrischika Rasi, to the sign of Dhanur Rasi in the middle of the month of Margasira, which is considered to be a good month (zodiac sign of Sagittarius). Dhanur Sankramanam is performed during the beginning of Dhanur Masam, which is signaled by the movement of the Sun into the Dhanur Rasi astrological sign.

Margasira Masam 2022 Telugu Start End Dates Calendar Timings

Margasira Masam 2022 Telugu Start End Dates:

  • The dates for Margasira Masam 2022 are the 24th of November through the 23rd of December. The sacred Dhanur Masa begins on December 16 of this year, making this month it’s beginning.

The period known as Dhanurmasam occurs between the time that the Sun is in the sign of Dhanu Rashi and when it is in the sign of Makara Sankramana.

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Additionally, this month marks the beginning of Hemanta Ritu, which denotes the beginning of winter in tropical regions, and Dhanur Masam typically begins on the 16th of December. During the Dhanur Masam festival, the women of some regions of Andhra Pradesh draw unique patterns on the ground in front of the primary entrance. Dwaram muggulu is the name given to these.

The significance of Margasira masam for Hindus is as follows:

It is widely held among Hindus, particularly among devotees of Sri Maha Vishnu, that the months of Margasira Masam and Dhanur Masam are extremely auspicious. This is because Hindus think that these two months take on the appearance of Kesava (Sri Maha Vishnu). Lakshmi Devi, who is married to Sri Maha Vishnu, has a lot of affection for the month of Sri Maha Vishnu because Sri Maha Vishnu is the month. 

People worship Lakshmi Devi on Thursdays of the Margasira Masam festival. People in many regions of the country do the Margasira Lakshmivar Pooja and the Lakshmivar Vratam and pray to Lakshmi Devi, specifically, for good health, prosperity, and happiness. 

Margasira Masam celebrations across temples:

The Kanaka Mahalakshmi Temple in Visakhapatnam has been decked out in its finest attire for the Margasira Masam festival. The temple is visited by devotees from all around the neighbourhood, particularly on Thursdays, which is when Margasira Masam takes place. The entire region has an aura similar to that of a fair.

Since the month of Margashira is highly important to Lord Vishnu, worshippers should make their way to a temple dedicated to him, bring a cow with them, and pay their respects to the Swami before lighting two lamps in the temple. The scientific community believes that Lakshmikataksham will take place if the cow worships Mahalakshmi in the evening on the day of the new moon by lighting lamps and performing other rituals in her honour. The worship of the gods should be performed on this day by “giving birth” to the gods’ ancestors and “leaving the tarpanas.”

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