Masi Kiruthigai Dates 2022 Monthly Pooja Tithi Timings Panchang

Know the latest details about the Masi Kiruthigai Dates 2022 Monthly Pooja Tithi Timings Panchang, Masi Kiruthigai 2022 Monthly Dates and Tithi Timings

Masik Kathigai is one of the oldest festivals for Hindus, especially in Tamil Nadu. It is celebrated in homes and on the streets all over the state. In the evening, people lit rows of lamps, called deepam.

On this day, people pray to Lord Shiva and Lord Murugan. The Nakshatra Karthikai or Krittika is where the name Karthigai Deepam or Karthikai Deepam comes from. Hindu myth says that on this day, Lord Shiva changed into an endless flame of light, which shows that he is more powerful than Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

Masi Kiruthigai Dates 2022 Monthly Pooja Tithi Timings Panchang

Masik Karthigai Katha: 

Once upon a time, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu argued about who was the most powerful.

Both started showing that they were better, and the fight got worse. In this case, Lord Shiva turned himself into a divine light to solve the problem. He then asked both gods to find the beginning and end of that divine light.

On Karthigai Deepam, this Jyoti form of Lord Shiva is prayed to.

Masi Kiruthigai 2022 Monthly Dates:

Masi KiruthigaiDateDay
29 Maargazhi Masam – Plava13 January 2022Thursday
27 Thai Masam – Plava09 February 2022Wednesday
24 Maasi Masam – Plava08 March 2022Tuesday
21 Panguni Masam – Plava04 April 2022Monday
19 Chithirai Masam – Subakrith02 May 2022Monday
15 Vaikaasi Masam – Subakrith29 May 2022Sunday
11 Aani Masam – Subakrith25 June 2022Saturday
07 Aadi Masam – Subakrith23 July 2022Saturday
03 Aavani Masam – Subakrith19 August 2022Friday
30 Aavani Masam – Subakrith15 September 2022Thursday
26 Purattaasi Masam – Subakrith13 October 2022Thursday
23 Aippasi Masam – Subakrith09 November 2022Wednesday
20 Karthikai Masam – Subakrith06 December 2022Tuesday

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  1. People who believe in Masik Karthigai 2022 get up early in the morning and take a holy bath.
  2. Then, for Lord Shiva’s worship, a light is lit in the house.
  3. To do the puja, the white flowers, fruits, incense sticks, lamps, incense perfume, honey, cannabis, and datura are brought in front of Lord Shiva.
  4. People fast all day and say the Shiva Kavach prayer.
  5. After the puja is over, an aarti is done.
  6. The next morning, after worshipping God, the fast is broken by eating.

Masik Karthigai 2022: Celebration:

Karthigai Nakshatra is thought to help Lord Muruga’s devotion a lot. Skanda Purana says that Lord Muruga came into the world in the form of six flames from the Third Eye of Lord Shiva. Agni and Vayu Devas took the fire to Karthigai Pengal, where the babies would care for it. When they were old enough to be boys, Goddess Parvati put them together to make a single boy with six faces. Because of this, Lord Muruga was called “Shanmuga.” The goddess Parvati then gave Karthigai Pengal a blessing and said that special rites or Poojas would be done on Karthigai Nakshatra for Lord Muruga.

The Tiruvannamalai hills are a popular place to celebrate the Karthikai festival. This is because a huge fire lamp is lit on one of the hills, which can be seen for miles around. The fire lamp, which is called a “Deepam,” is called “Mahadeepam.” Hindus go there to pray to Lord Shiva.

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