Nagula Chavithi Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Prasadam List Samagri

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The day of Nagula Chavithi is a good time to do Naga Puja. Nagula Chavithi is celebrated during the Karthika masam on the fourth day (Chaturthi) after Deepavali Amavasya. After Nag Chaturthi, Nag Panchami and Nagasashti are held. It is also celebrated in some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu during the month of Sravana masam.

Nagula Chavithi is a festival for women that is mostly about worshipping the Nag Devatas. Nagula Chavithi is something that married women do to make sure their children are healthy. Women fast and do Naga Puja during the Chavithi festival. At the Valmeekam or Putta, people give milk and dry fruits to Sarpa Devata (snake pits). On Nag Chaturthi, people worship Ashtanag, a snake with seven heads.

Nagula Chavithi Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Prasadam List Samagri

Nagula chavithi pooja date:

Nagula Chavithi is a Telugu Hindu holiday that honours Nagas, which are also called snakes. The date of Nagula Chavithi in 2022 is October 28. Nagula Chavithi is celebrated in the Kartik month on the fourth day (Chaturthi) after Diwali (October – November).

In many places, Nagula Chavithi is the first day of a three-day festival. The next two days are Naga Panchami and Naga Sashti. Nagula Chavithi will happen on October 28, Naga Panchami will happen on October 29, and Naga Sashti will happen on October 30.

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Nagula Chavithi in Kartika masam is a big festival in some parts of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. Rituals and the way puja is done vary from place to place. Some people have an idol of Naga devatha at home and do puja. But in some places, devotees go to “Putta” (Snake pit) to offer naivedyam and do other pujas.

In Telugu Hindu culture, there is a story about Nagula Chavithi that says on the day Lord Shiva drank the poison Halahala or Kalkuta to save the universe during the famous Samudra Manthan event. Naga temples all over the state also hold pujas and prayers.

Today, Nagula Chavithi day is known for the tradition of giving milk and eggs to snakes, especially cobras near snake pits. Snake charmers also bring cobras to towns and villages, where people feed them milk. People are always reminded by the worship of Nagas to live in harmony with Nature. And the best way to worship Nagas is to keep snakes and other animals safe in their forests and caves.

Nagula chavithi pooja vidhanam:

  1. On Nagula Chawiti, you should get up early, bow your head, and pray to God at home. 
  2. Then, go to the nearby Putta, light the lamp, and do puja there. 
  3. People do puja to puttas or ant hills, which are homes for snakes, with milk, kumkum, turmeric, vibhuti, an offering made of sweets made from a mixture of jaggery and black sesame seeds and jaggery and white sesame seeds, a mixture of unboiled rice and black sesame seeds, and finally, eggs. These things are put in the ant hill.
  4. People also light diyas and bring flowers to the ant hill. This ritual is done with one’s back to the east and usually at a good time of day.
  5. People take a small amount of dirt from the ant hill after making their offerings and put it on the back of their ears. 
  6. People think that celebrating naagula chavithi will get rid of all the problems in their homes and families. 
  7. Most of the time, people do these rituals at ant hills in temples or anywhere else in their area where there are ant hills.
  8. After the pooja, one should fast for the rest of the day by giving cold dals, vadappu, and bananas as an offering. 
  9. Have dinner. If you have problems with your eyes or ears, you should do the Chavati fast. 
  10. People think that saying the names of Nagendra Ashtottaram, Nagendra Stotra, Nagastuti, and Nagendra Sahasra before the puja will get rid of all the bad things. 
  11. If that can’t be done, 108 times of “Om Nagendraswamine Namah” should be said.

Nagula chavithi prasadam:

  • Chimli or Sesame laddu, 
  • Pachi chalimidi (a sweet made with rice flour and jaggery), 
  • Vadapappu (soaked yellow moong dal), and 
  • Panakam (liquid made with water, jaggery and, peppercorn powder )

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