Nijarupa Darshanam Simhachalam Timings Tickets Online Booking

Know the details about the Nijarupa Darshanam Simhachalam Timings Tickets Online Booking, Nijarupa Darshan Tickets Of Simhachalam Here.

The Simhachalam Temple is considered to be one of the most significant temples in the whole state of Andhra Pradesh. In order to have a glimpse of the Lord, thousands upon tens of thousands of devotees make the journey to the Simhachalam temple each and every year. Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy resides at the Simhachalam temple, which is considered to be his residence.

The particular pooja and the seva performed in the temple each have helped the building earn its reputation as one of the most revered in the world. Travelers from all over the nation will make their way to this temple to take part in the yearly celebrations that are held there. The Najarupa Darshanam is considered to be one of the most significant events that take place on a yearly basis at the Simhachalam temple.

Nijarupa Darshanam Simhachalam Timings Tickets Online Booking

Tickets for the “Nijaroopa darshanam” of Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, the presiding deity of Simhachalam, will be sold via the Simhachalam Branch of the State Bank of India for 300 and 1,000 rupees each. In addition, tickets will be made available for purchase online at the website

The Simhalchalam Temple is an architectural triumph that is well deserving of respect and admiration. The Simhalchalam Temple is comprised of a towering tower that sits above a square shrine as well as a mandap that is surrounded by 16 pillars. In the front of the building is a portico that has a smaller tower built on top of it. There is also a veranda that has a stone care structure that sits on it.

The stone structure has stone wheels and stone horses carved into it. The building is composed of black granite and is artistically carved with traditional and floral adornment as well as scenes from the Vaishnavite puranas. The term “tribute pillar” is used to refer to one of the pillars, which is referred to as the kappa stambham. It is widely held among the community that the pillar has curative properties and may treat Inferility.

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Nijarupa Darshanam Simhachalam Timings Tickets Online Booking

  • A celebration called the Simhachalam Nijarupa Darshanam takes place once a year at the temple. In most years, the Nijarupa Darshanam occurs between the months of April or May. The Simhachalam Nijarupa Darshanam will take place on April 22nd, 2023. This date has been determined.
  • During this occasion, the sandalwood paste covering that was previously placed on the Lord would be removed via a process referred to as Nijarupa Darshanam. Sandalwood paste is applied on the surface of the Lord of Simhachalam on a daily basis.
  • This day marks the removal of the Sandal Wood paste and the beginning of the process of applying the new ones. In order for the pilgrims to be able to see the original idol of the Lord, which does not include any sandalwood paste
  • This is the reason why pilgrims will be traveling from all over the world to witness the original idol of the Lord. In most cases, the timings of the Simhachalam Nijarupa Darshanam will be the same as the timings of the temple. The pilgrims are exempt from the need of making an online reservation for the tickets. If the temple sells any tickets for the event online, the pilgrims may place their orders for those tickets immediately.
  • In the event that pilgrims are unable to purchase their tickets online, they are encouraged to visit the temple in order to get a Darshan Offline ticket at the counter where pilgrims purchase their tickets.

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