Om Sakthi Abhishekam Melmaruvathur Online Booking Ticket Price

Know the details about the Om Sakthi Abhishekam Melmaruvathur Online Booking Ticket Price, Om Sakthi Abhishekam Melmaruvathur Online Booking Ticket Price

The holy darshan of Goddess Adhi Para Sakthi is sought for each day by thousands upon thousands of worshippers at the Melmaruvathur Temple. The festivals of Thaipoosam, Telugu New Year’s Day, and Tamil New Year’s Day, as well as Adi Pooram, Chitra Pournami, and Navarathri, are observed and celebrated in the Melmaruvathur Temple. The temple doors close for the day at the usual time in the afternoon, and they don’t reopen for darshan until the next morning. To ensure that their darshan goes as well as possible, devotees should familiarise themselves with the Melmaruvathur Temple Timings, including the Aarti Timings, Darshan Timings, Pooja Timings, and Abhishekam Timings, as well as the Opening Time and Closing Time of the temple.

Om Sakthi Abhishekam Melmaruvathur Online Booking Ticket Price

Reservation of Tickets Via the Internet for the Om Shakthi Abhishekam in Melmaruvathur

  • Tickets to the Melmaruvathur Temple Abhishekam can be purchased for a total of Rs. 1010 each.
  • The Abhishekam ceremony is performed every day in the temple. The abhishekam that takes place at the Melmaruvathur temple begins at three in the morning and continues until four. Every day in the temple, the Ahishekam ceremony is performed.
  • Pilgrims who are interested in taking part in the abhishekam that takes place at the Melmaruvathur temple can make their way immediately to the temple and sign up for the service at the counter there.
  • Pilgrims can also book for the Melmaruvathur Temple Abhsihekam through the online booking system. The Melmaruvathur Abhishekam can also be accessed electronically through the website of the temple.
  • Travellers can visit the official website of the Melmaruvathur temple to make their reservations for the Abhishekam ceremony online. The pilgrims are required to complete the payment for the seva exclusively through the use of the internet.
  • The Melmaruvathur temple’s Abhishekam will take up to an hour to complete in its entirety. Following the conclusion of the Abhishekam, the devotees will be granted the opportunity to receive Prasadam and Darshan.
  • It is necessary for the pilgrims to take printouts of the Abhishekam Online Booking and hand them in at the temple office. Directly visiting the temple is an option for those devotees who are unable to make reservations online for the Melmaruvathur temple Abhiekam.
  • If tickets are still available, pilgrims may purchase their Abhishekam tickets online.

The Melmaruvathur temple is considered to be one of the most important destinations for devotees of the Adi Parashakthi. The temple has a significant following not only in Tamilnadu but also in the states that surround it. The temple is frequented throughout the year by pilgrims who are attempting to complete the Om Shakthi mala. The majority of travellers who visit the Melmaruvathur temple do so only for the purpose of obtaining the Mala. There will be attendees whose sole purpose is to attend the Darshan. In addition to the Darshan, the Melmaruvathur temple also provides pilgrims with a variety of unique services (seva). One of the seva that is performed is called the Melmaruvathur Abhishekam.

Melmaruvathur Abhishekam

Melmaruvathur Abhishekam Schedule, Ticket Prices, and Information Regarding Online Booking

Cost for the number of days on a ticket

  1. If Devotees stay for 1 day cost will be  Rs.1010
  2. If Devotees stay for 2  days cost will be  Rs.2020
  3. If Devotees stay for 3 days cost will be Rs.3030
  4. If Devotees stay for 4 days cost will be Rs.4040 
  5. If Devotees stay for 5 days cost will be  Rs.5050 
  6. If Devotees stay for 6 days cost will be Rs.6060
  7. If Devotees stay for 7 days cost will be  Rs.7070 
  8. If Devotees stay for 8 days cost will be Rs.8080 
  9. If Devotees stay for 9 days cost will be 9 Rs.9090
  10. If Devotees stay for 10 days cost will be Rs.1010 

Abhishekam of Melmaruvathur

Only one family is permitted per reservation.

  • Timings: 3:00 am – 4:00 am. Daily to Swayambu Idol.
  • In comparison to the general public’s Darshan, the devotees who wear Malai would be able to get a better view from a closer distance.

Dress Code: Appropriate attire for the general public is required.

The Darshan event does not require any payment to enter.

Abhishekam The time it takes is one hour.

During the busiest times of the year, the devotees are permitted to observe the Abhishekam being performed on the deity.


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