Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam TTD Tirupati Online Booking

Know the details about the Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam TTD Tirupati Online Booking, Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam TTD Tirupati Online Booking
One of India’s most well-known spiritual destinations, Tirumala is also home to Lord Venkateshwara Swamy. Numerous thousands of people go to the Tirumala Temple to see the primary deity and to ask for the deity’s blessings. In addition to performing marriages, Namakaranam, Upanayam, and other rituals, visitors to the Tirumala temple can also do other rituals. 

The Tirumala temple purohits assist visitors in carrying out their duties. People can hire any Kalyana Mandapam in Tirumala as well as a Purohit to perform their functions if they desire to have them outside the temple grounds. 

Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam TTD Tirupati Online Booking

Information about the price and online booking process for Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam may be found below. 

Tirupati Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam Schedule, Cost, and Reservation

Name of Marriage Hall Fees For HallHall Room timings
1 for Sri Padmavathi Kalyana MandapamRs. 76703:00 pm – 3:05 pm
For 2nd Sri Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam.Rs. 76703:00 pm – 3:05 pm
for 3rd Sri Padmavathi Kalyana MandapamRs. 7670 3:00 pm – 3:02 pm

Included in the aforementioned fees are service fees, water fees, and GST (18%).

Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam Blocks and Mandapam Rates

Rent Hall (Including GST)

Blocks of MandapamsFee Structure of Mandapams
The Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam, Part I1,35,700 Rs/-
II Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam1,35,705 Rs/-
III of the Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam1,35,705 Rs/-

Requirements of Padamavathi Kalyana Mandapam Booking :

  • Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam in Tirupati Booking 180 days in advance is possible.
  • The bride or groom’s photo ID must be uploaded.
  • Pay the security money when the hall is assigned.
  • For the allocation of the wedding hall, you must have your online receipt and photo ID on you.
  • After verifying the final power and water usage records, the security deposit will be returned.
  • At this Mandapam, only Hindu arranged marriages are permitted.
  • The bride must be at least 18 years old.
  • The bridegroom must be at least 21 years old.
  • Timings for hall allocation remain the same.
  • There are hotels around where you can stay (Lakshmipuram Circle).

You can reserve Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam for a wedding or for the Odugu Shastipoorthi Sathyanarayana Vratham. Reception Annaprasana ceremony of engagement

  • Parents of the bride and the groom must be present when the marriage hall is assigned.
  • Both the bride and the groom must be majoring in Hinduism.
  • These rooms will only perform planned marriages.
  • The hall will only be used for one wedding. The area may not be shared.
  • Bookings may be cancelled by administrative staff if they suspect fraud.
  • Marriage Hall Reservation
  • The only thing offered is a wedding venue with power and running water.
  • The purohit, the food, the decorations, the pooja supplies, the seating arrangements, and the nadaswaram are to be made independently.

Booking TTD Kalayana Mandapam online

  1. The TTD Seva Online Website now allows online reservations for the TTD Kalyana Mandapam for various locations.
  2. To reserve the TTD Kalayana Mandapam, one must sign in to the website.
  3. The state, district, city, and location of the TTD Kalayana Mandapam, as well as the date of the event, must be chosen in order to make a reservation.
  4. The TTD Kalayana Mandapam can be reserved six months to one day in advance.
  5. At the time of occupying the TTd Kalyana Mandapam, the entire rent and security deposit had been paid.
  6. The cost of the electricity will be determined by how much was used on the day of the event.
  7. You can reach 0877 2277 777 or 22 33 333 with any questions.
  8. A minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 2 days are available.
  9. The minimum service charge will be taken out at the time of booking.

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