Palani Temple 2023 Thaipusam Date Darshan Kavadi Timings

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Hindu festival Thaipusam, also known as Thai Poosam, is mostly observed by the Tamil population. It occurs during Tamil Solar Month Thai, which is also known as Hindu Solar Month Makara.

It is observed not only in nations where the Tamil population is majority but also in nations with minor Tamil populations like Mauritius, Singapore, and Malaysia. Additionally known as Thaipooyam and Thaippooyam, this festivity. The moment when Parvati gave Murugan a Vel, or spear, to defeat the wicked demon Soorapadam is remembered during this festival.

This is one of Palani’s most significant and well-known festivals. This celebration, which spans 10 days, begins with the raising of the flag at the Perianayaki Amman Temple.

Palani Temple 2023 Thaipusam Date Darshan Kavadi Timings

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Lord Murugan, along with the goddesses Valli and Deyvaanai, are given darshan during a parade on the sixth day. On the seventh day, thousands of devotees take part in the “Thai Ther” -Rathorchavam at the adivaram. The worshippers also give Lord Murugan various forms of kavadi, including flowers, sugar, water, tender coconuts, milk, and holy water, among other things.

On the seventh day, Lord Dhandayuthapani would drive his golden chariot, known as the “Thanga Ther,” through the highlands. With around 3–5 lakh visitors to the temple, Thai Poosam is regarded as the celebration of festivals in Palani.

Palani Temple 2023 Thaipusam Date and Kavadi Timings:

  • Thai Poosam, Sunday, February 5, 2023
  • At 11:46 a.m. on February 4, 2023, Poosam Nakshathram begins.
  • On February 5, 2023, Poosam Nakshathram ends at 02:43 PM.

The myths surrounding Thaipoosam:

This is thought to be the tale of how Thai Poosam first came to be. Sages begged Lord Shiva to kill the asura Tarakasuran, who was terrorising them. In response to their plight, Lord Shiva dispatched his son Lord Murugan to destroy the Asuran. Murugan succeeded with the aid of the 11 weapons given to him by Lord Shiva and the potent Vel given to him by mother Parvathi. It is thought that during the Poosam star of the Month Thai, Lord Murugan killed the narakasuran. Thus, Thai Poosam was celebrated as a result. In Tamilnadu, this holiday is enthusiastically observed everywhere. During Thai poosam, people travel together by foot from Palani to receive Lord Murugan’s darshan. They carry kavadis.

Lord Murugan was given a curse:

Parvathi was receiving a crucial mantra from Lord Shiva. Lord Murugan listened in on this. Mother Parvathi cursed Lord Murugan when she realised this. Lord Murugan sought for an apology after admitting his fault. Satisfied, Parvathi appeared beside Shiva before Lord Murugan to ask for his forgiveness. Thai Poosam is a holiday that commemorates the day Parvathi appeared before Murugan.

cosmological dance:

According to another tradition, Thai Poosam is celebrated because Shiva and Parvathi participated in a cosmic dance during this time.

The Kaveri myth:

River Kaveri pleaded to Lord Vishnu after becoming irritated with all the attention River Ganga was getting. On Thai poosam, Lord Vishnu thus appeared and blessed the woman.

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