Parasurama Temple Attirala History Timings Darshan Entry Fee

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Artirevula, Araturevula, and Araturela are all variations of the name Attirala that appear in the epigraphs. The name Thiruvarattorai can be found on two different inscriptions written in Tamil. Attirala, Hattirala, and Hatyarala are all names that refer to the Mackenzie Manuscripts collection. Since attirala is the name of a tree, it is clear that this word refers to trees in general.

Parasurama Temple Attirala History Timings Darshan Entry Fee

Attirala Sri Parasurameswara Temple is over a thousand years old, and the sixth incarnation of Vishnu during the Satya Yuga, which means he did not carry the sin of the planet’s twenty-one previous wars in his axe hand. They came at Maheshwar’s urging to worship at the temple and take a dip in the sacred rivers.

While taking a dip in the Bahuda River, Bahuda, unfortunately, ended up under a rock. Consequently, the sin that had surrounded the murder of Parasurama faded away, and the crime became simply known as murder. In current parlance, it goes by the name “Attira.” Lord Sri Vyasa gave the king of Dharma some advice after the battle of Kurukshetra when the king was indifferent to the cause of his relatives’ deaths and the bloodshed that ensued.

Before the Dwapara Yuga, the area was inhabited by two brothers named Shankhudu and Likhitudu. They didn’t go off and live in ashrams or engage in other forms of ascetic discipline on their own. He cut down the fruit and ate it. Meanwhile, the returning conch looked at his brother and asked, “By whose permission are you eating the fruit?” When questioned, he asked for compensation for his misunderstood scribe.

You should report to the king and suffer the just punishment for your actions. The scribe compiled and reported to the king. Being aware of his impending visit, King Sudumnya did not formally invite him, instead pleading guilty and demanding punishment. The king condemned his hands to hell, saying the monarchy was to blame for the renowned ascetic’s fall from grace and need for punishment.

Parasurama Temple Attirala History Timings Darshan Entry Fee

After Jamadagini, a famous sage of Trethayuga became suspicious of his wife’s virginity, he ordered his sons to decapitate her. However, the first two were hesitant to carry out their father’s wishes. Parasurama, his third son, killed his mother because he followed his father’s orders.

Jamadagni requested that his son conduct pilgrimages to holy kshetras in order to cleanse himself of his wrongdoing. So Parashurama circumnavigated all the ‘kshetras, but it was only after he bathed in the Cheyyeru Madugu and worshipped the god Tretesvara that he was finally cleansed. The locals soon began referring to the area as Hatyarala (Hathya in Sanskrit means to be killed and ralu in Telugu means to fall). People claim that the modern form of the word, Attirala, is a distorted version of the word Hatyarala.

Timings To Visit Temple

Visitation hours are from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily.

Directions to Sri Parasurameswara Temple

By Air– The closest airport to the Sri Parasurameswara Temple is the Renigunta Airport, which is located 86.6 kilometres away.

Travelling By Train– the distances are as follows: Tirupati Railway Station is 93.5 kilometres away, Rajampet Railway Station is 7.3 kilometres away, and Cuddapah Railway Station is 56.3 kilometres away.

By Bus: Rajampet – 7 km, Cuddapah – 53 km, Tirupati – 90 km.

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