Pitru Tarpanam Timings Makara Sankranti Telugu Procedure

Know the details about the Pitru Tarpanam Timings Makara Sankranti Telugu Procedure Pitru Tarpanam Timings Makara Sankranti, Pitru Tarpanam Timings

Makar Sankranti is one of the most important Indian holidays. It is held in the Hindu month of Magha, which is January in the Gregorian calendar. It’s a festival with many different parts, and the different ways that different states and cultures celebrate it show that we live in a multicultural society. Makar Sankranti or Makar Sankranti is a religious holiday that honours Surya Devta, also known as the Sun God.

The Shastras say that every man should be free of five different kinds of debt. They are Bhutarinam, Devarinam, Pitrrinam, Manushyarinam, and Rishirinam. We can never repay our parents for giving us life and raising us. But science says that we can pay off some of our elders’ debts if we do Pitru Tarpana, Pindodaka Dona, and Shraddha Karmas. On Makara Sankranti, people are supposed to make four quarters of sesame flour and spread them on a stool. They should then take a bath and give tarpanas to their ancestors.

Pitru Tarpanam Timings Makara Sankranti Telugu Procedure

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Pitru Tarpanam during Makara Sankranti:

Makara Sankranti, also called the Sankranti festival, is a big holiday in the Telugu states. Most people will honour their ancestors on Makara Sankranti by doing a pooja. Today, people will honour their ancestors and the elders who have died. Through the Tharpanam process, the people will honour the elders. Tharpanam procedure means doing pooja for the ancestors by following the steps or putting food in water. Makara Sankranti is a three-day festival that always happens on January 15. On this day, people will do Tharpanam pooja near any temple, lake, or river.

The Tharpanam pooja is best done near a river that is moving. Since Makara Sankranti comes after the rainy season, most rivers will be full on this day. So people who want to do the Tharpanam pooja can do it near the rivers. The Tharpanam process can only be done with the priest’s help.

Makara Sankranti Pitru Tarpanam Timings:

Anyone can do the Makara Sankranti pitru tharpanam at any time of the day. It should not be done in Rahul Kalam, Yamgandam and Gulika kalam. The Pitru Tharpanam shouldn’t happen after 5 p.m., either.

Pitru Tarpanam Procedure:

  1. Those who are doing the puja have to get up early and take a bath.
  2. A ring made of darbha grass must be worn by the person doing the puja.
  3. Sit down in the place of worship and make sure it is quiet and peaceful around you. After this, call on your ancestors.
  4. A sacred thread is worn by the person doing the puja, and its position is changed several times while the puja is going on.
  5. Do a pind daan in which you take water in both hands and slowly let it go.
  6. On this day, a satvic recipe is used to make special food.
  7. The cows, dogs, crows, and ants are then given this food.
  8. The food is also given to the dead by putting it in the havan kunda fire.
  9. Along with dakshina, this food is also given to Brahmins.
  10. Join hands, pray for your ancestors to be freed, and ask them for their blessings.
  11. People say that good deeds done during this time will be greatly rewarded.
  12. Once this is done, the Makara Sankranti Pitru Tharpanam process is over.

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