Private Marriage Halls Dwaraka Tirumala Booking Procedure

Know The Details About Private Marriage Halls Dwaraka Tirumala Booking Procedure, Tickets, Costs, Accommodation, And More Information

A Vaishnavite temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara may be found in the town of Dwaraka Tirumala, located in the Eluru district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This temple may be seen at Tirumala, which is located in the mountains.

Devotion is offered at this temple to Lord Venkateswara, an incarnation of Vishnu. Since Dwaraka, after much penance, discovered the self-manifested idol of Lord Sri Venkateswara in an ant hill this sacred site was given the name “Dwaraka Tirumala” to honor him.

Private Marriage Halls Dwaraka Tirumala Booking Procedure

At Dwaraka Tirumala, also known as Chinna Tirupati, guests may choose between air-conditioned (AC) or non-air-conditioned (NT) venues for their wedding, depending on the size of their party. The Ghat and the Steps are located in a very accessible location close to both the Private and Trust Halls. You will reach the hilltop at the Temple if you walk for around three minutes.

Private Hall Details at Dwaraka with their respective prices are shown below:

HallHall TypePrice RangeHall Capacity
Private HallNon-Ac HallRs.12000 to Rs.15000100 to 150 persons
Private HallAc HallRs.35,000 to Rs.50,000300 to 400 persons
Private HallAc HallRs.2,00,0001000 to 1200 persons
(4 Halls)
Ac HallRs.1,02,0001000 to 1200 persons
Devasthanam HallAc HallRs.58,000300 to 400 persons
Private HallAc HallRs.45,000 to Rs.50,000400 to 500 persons
Devasthanam HallNon-Ac HallRs.35000 to Rs.40,000600 to 800 persons

There is a possibility that the real prices are going to be different from the ones that were given above. The price range is provided only for informational reasons.

Private Marriage Halls Dwaraka Tirumala Booking Procedure

According to the Brahma Purana, the region of Dwaraka Tirumala, which is situated at the point where the Krishna and Godavari rivers meet, has an important position in India. For those devotees of Lord Venkateswara who are unable to make the travel to Tirumala Tirupati, often referred to as “Pedda Tirupati,” the Dwaraka Tirumala temple is a suitable alternative. There, they may give donations, tonsures, and other types of gifts to the deity.

Dwaraka Tirumala Marriage Procedure:

  • For an individual to be eligible to become a bride, the bride-to-be must be at least 18 years old.
  • It requires that the Groom be at least 21 years old in order for him to be eligible for the position of groom.
  • Both the bride and the groom are required to provide a photocopy of their Aadhar cards as well as an official transcript from the high school they attended to the ceremony.
  • It is essential to submit paperwork verifying the identities of the bride’s and groom’s parents in order to proceed with the wedding ceremony.
  • When it comes to booking a private location, the earliest window of opportunity that is accessible is six months in advance.
  • You are able to make bookings in advance for the Devasthanam Hall for a length of time that ranges from one month to three months.
  • Because Devasthanam is not a recognized site, it is against the law for weddings to take place there. Marriages cannot legally be performed there.
  • Following the conclusion of the ceremony, a receipt will be generated for you to take with you in order to formally document the union with the appropriate authorities.

Dwaraka Tirumala Marriage Registration Procedure:

  • Images captured at the bride and groom’s wedding ceremony and reception
  • Photocopies of the Aadhar cards, passports, or report cards from the tenth grade, whichever is relevant, for both the bride and the groom.
  • The parents of the bridegroom and the bride, respectively Information that can be recognized in the documentation, including photographs
  • There were three different witnesses, and each of them was able to provide a recent photo identification.

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