Purattasi Month Pooja Vidhanam Sani Viratham Procedure Online

Know the details about the Purattasi Month Purattasi Month Pooja Vidhanam Sani Viratham Procedure Online, Purattasi Month Pooja Vidhanam Sani Viratham Procedure

During the Tamil month of Purattasi, which runs from the middle of September to the middle of October, Vishnu came to earth in the form of Venkateshwara (Balaji, the Supreme Lord of Wealth). Venkateshwara is the guardian of the Kali Yuga. Those who connect with him during this month will be blessed with wealth, health, prosperity, pleasures, and spiritual enlightenment. Sacred texts say that if you connect with Vishnu on Saturdays in Purattasi, you can lessen the bad or slowing effects of Planet Saturn and move forward in your life.

Purattasi Month Pooja Vidhanam Sani Viratham Procedure Online

Astrological Significance of Purattasi Saturdays:

In the month of Purattasi, the Sun is in the sign of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury. Vishnu, the Archetype of Wealth, Sustenance, and Plenty, is in charge of Mercury. This year, Purattasi Saturdays are even luckier because Mercury and the Sun will get a direct good aspect from Jupiter, which will make exalted Mercury even stronger. During the 5 Vishnu Saturdays, the following combinations of planets can help you get the powerful blessings of Vishnu for wealth.

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Purattasi Sani Viratham importance:

  • Tradition says that fasting and calling on Vishnu on Saturdays during the Purattasi month can help:
  • Reduce Saturn’s bad effects as much as possible.
  • Give good health, money, and happiness
  • Give overall health, wealth, and spiritual growth
  • Fulfill desires
  • Help attain Moksha (salvation)

Purattasi Month Pooja Vidhanam Sani Viratham Procedure:

Throughout the year, Hindus take part in several fasts. Even though the main steps for fasting are usually the same, there are small differences depending on the region, culture, and God to whom the fast is dedicated.

Here’s how to take part in the Purattasi Sani Viratham:

  • One should fast until the end of the Purattasi Saturday pooja.
  • For Lord’s neivedyam, you can make Maavilakku, Sweet Pongal, Tamarind rice, Chana dal sundal, Coconut rice, Curd rice, Sesame seeds rice, Anjaneyar Kovil Vada, and Pepper vada.
  • Take a sombu, wash it well, and use namakatti or rice flour paste to draw the Sangu, chakram, and namam on it. Let it dry.
  • Choose a good time to do the Pooja and stay away from Rahukalam and Yamagandam.
  • When the Lord’s neivedhyams are ready, put a small amount of each thing on a whole banana leaf or a plate and put it in front of the silver pot/sombu.
  • Fruits, betel leaves, nuts, and coconut should be put on a plate, and the lamp and incense sticks should be lit.
  • Chant mantras and read Lord Venkateswara’s slokas. During Purattasi Shani Vratham, it is very lucky to chant the Vishnu Sahasranama, which has 1000 names for Lord Maha Vishnu.
  • Put some tulsi water in a small container, light the maavilakku, and give the Lord the neivedyam.
  • Show the Lord dhoop and dheep, finish the Pooja, drink the tulsi water, and then have lunch.

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