Puthra Kameshti Yagam Benefits Booking Instructions

Know More Briefly About The Puthra Kameshti Yagam Benefits Booking Instructions, Cost, Mantram, Location, And Other Info Are Given

  • Pooja Cost: 20000
  • Pooja lasts from two hours to two hours and thirty minutes.
  • Men are required to wear dhotis and an upper cloth according to the dress code.
  • Women are encouraged to dress in Sarees or other traditional attire.

Puthra Kameshti Yagam Benefits Booking Instructions

Puthra Kameshti Yagam:

  • According to the legend, King Dasarath did this yoga under the guidance of Sage Rishyasringa, and as a result, he was bestowed with four children.
  • These children’s names are Rama, Laksmana, Bharatha, and Shatrugna.
  • Theresa Puthra Kamesti The Santhana Gopala Homam and Havan are performed as an act of devotion to Lord Mahavishnu.
  • Sanatkumara was the recipient of the knowledge of this homa granted by none other than Lord Maha Vishnu himself, and he in turn passed this information on to Sage Bodhayana.
  • The Suta Samhita makes reference to it several times.
  • The performance of this Homam and Havan in accordance with the instructions given in Atharvana Veda result in the fruition of the begetting of children, the redemption of all doshas inherited from one’s father, and the blessing of a vigorous and extended healthy life bestowed by Narayana.
  • It is stated that Lord Vishnu taught Sanatkumara how to do the Yagam ritual and that Sanatkumara then taught Sage Bodhayana.
  • This Yagam will be carried out using the powder of one hundred different types of Ayurvedic herbs and ghee.
  • On the day of the Pushyami star, all of the components that are needed for Yagam will be acquired.

Puthra Kameshti Yagam Benefits:

  • Whether it be a baby boy or a baby girl, Yagna Kartha’s plans come to fruition.
  • Baby, may you grow up to have a good mind and strong body.

When is the most auspicious time to do the Putra Kamesti Yagna?

  • There are several advantages to doing the Homam on Wednesdays and Thursdays rather than other days of the week. 
  • However, one should never hesitate to seek the advice of an astrologer who is able to analyze the placement of the planets in one’s birth chart. 
  • You should seek the advice of a specialized astrologer in order to get insight into the fundamental causes of your inability to conceive a child. 
  • He will guide you through the process of doing this Yagna, providing oversight on the ritual as well as an appropriate window of time for the Homa.

Puthra Kameshti Yagam Benefits Booking Instructions

Puthra Kameshti Yagam’s favorite times of day:

  • If Yagam is done on the Pushyami star day, then the medicines will be effective.
  • The date is given by the astrologer, depending on their interpretation of the birth chart.
  • Sivaratri Day and Karthika Masam Days.
  • Instructions that must be carried out in full.
  • It is recommended that non-vegetarian food be avoided for the three days leading up to the Pooja.
  • After receiving Prasadam, one must abstain from eating non-vegetarian food for the next six months.
  • This Yagam is exclusively open to husbands and wives who are married to one another.
  • Prasadam was presented to the couple to be enjoyed by the husband and wife.

The Methods Used in the Putra Kameshti Homa:

  • Putrakameshti is a one-of-a-kind Yagam that can only provide fruitful results when it is organized in accordance with the necessary guiding principles.
  • The Homa is a sacred ceremony that is performed with the intention of eliciting the favor of Lord Vishnu as well as the blessings of other Goddesses. This is done by incorporating fire into the ritual.
  • In order to perform the Putrakameshti Yagna, the couple invokes Lord Vishnu, who is known as the Ultimate Creator of the World.
  • To invoke Lord Vishnu’s favor and get his blessings, it is required to recite the Purusha Suktam, which is described in the Rig Veda.
  • The recitation of these hymns is a regular part of the rites that are performed during the Homam.
  • It is vital to contact an expert or astrologer who is able to advise on its method in order to ensure that the correct material requisitions are made for this Yagna.
  • This Homa may be performed either inside or outdoors, providing the location is clean and well-organized for Homa, given you have enough room to move about.

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