Sabarimala Ayyappa Irumudi Kattu Items List Procedure Telugu

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Sabarimala Ayyappa Irumudi Kattu:

Irumudi kettu is a Sabarimala pilgrim’s travel pouch or travel kit. Irumudi kettu is a tiny bag having two compartments, one in front and one in back, which must be filled with Pooja articles. The front compartment of the bag is known as munmudi, and the back compartment is known as pinmudi; the front portion (munmudi) is for Lord Ayyappa, and the back portion (pinmudi) is for carrying the devotee’s personal possessions.

Iru means “two,” and Kettu means “knot” or “little bundle.” The most significant aspect of Sabarimala pilgrimage is Irumudi kettu. Irumudikettu is made under the supervision of Guruswami, and the process is known as kettu nirakkal or palli kettu. Devotees who have completed the 41-day vritham carry the irumudi kettu. Irumudi kettu is required to complete the 18 steps leading to Lord Ayyappa’s shrine. Devotees who do not have Irumudi Kettu are not permitted to use the stairway to approach the temple.

Sabarimala Ayyappa Irumudi Kattu Items List Procedure Telugu

Sabarimala Ayyappa Irumudi Kattu Procedure Telugu:

  • When purchasing the bag, ensure that it has adequate capacity to store the puja supplies.
  • The kettunira ceremony is performed on the pilgrimage day. It is frequently performed in one’s own house or at a neighboring temple. 

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How should the ghee-filled coconut be prepared?

  • Take a ripe coconut, little or medium in size. The shell should be polished. Make a hole through any of the coconut’s eyes. 
  • Drain the water and set it aside to dry. (Do this a few hours before the kettunira ceremony.) 
  • It’s time to fill the mudra’ coconut with ghee after praying to Lord Ganesha and Ayyappa. 
  • The major offering to Lord Ayyappa is this ghee-filled coconut. The devotee should do this by reciting ‘Swami Saranam’ while visiting the temple. 
  • The opening of the coconut is corked and sealed with wax or other sealing when it has been entirely filled with new ghee. 
  • Filling the Bag’s Front Portion Rice is scooped up with both hands and placed in the front compartment of the Irumudi. 
  • This is repeated three times. Some devotees combine the first rice with a betel leaf. 
  • Family members can also fill the front section with rice. Following that, the ghee-filled coconut is placed on top of the rice in the front compartment. 
  • On top of the rice are coins, money, betel leaves, and areca nuts.
  • Camphor, incense sticks, rose water, jaggery, sandal paste, and vibhuti are among the other puja items wrapped separately and placed in the compartment. 
  • Filling the Bag’s Rear Section Two coconuts, one for breaking when mounting the sacred 18 steps and another for breaking after exiting the sanctuary. Malar, avil, turmeric powder, and kumkum are packed individually and put in the back section for Malikappurathamma. 
  • Vavar Swami’s section contains pepper. If you want to fill the back of the bag with personal goods, the above-mentioned puja materials can also be placed in the front. 
  • Once filled, the Irumudi represents the deity and is held reverently rather than being left on the ground. It is usually laid on a sheet or a rug. 
  • If the voyage lasts more than one day, Pujas are performed on the Irumudi in the morning and evening. Irumudi walks with his head balanced on his shoulders.

Sabarimala Ayyappa Irumudi Kattu Items List:

  • A ghee-filled coconut
  • 2 coconuts
  • Arecanut (Supari) (Supari)
  • Coins made from betel leaves
  • Powdered Turmeric
  • Sandal
  • Vibhuti (Sacred Ash) (Sacred Ash)
  • Water of Roses
  • Rice
  • Avil (Beaten rice) (Beaten rice)
  • Malar (Puffed rice) (Puffed rice)
  • Small banana or jaggery
  • Kalkandam (Sugar Candy) (Sugar Candy)
  • Camphor Pepper Agarbathis (For Vavar)
  • Honey in a small bottle (optional)
  • The dry grape (optional)
  • Towels (for personal use) (for personal use)

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