Sapthagiri Magazine Online Booking Subscription Monthly

Sapthagiri Magazine Online Booking Subscription Monthly, Sapthagiri Magazine Online Subscription Monthly, Sapthagiri Magazine Monthly Online Subscription 

TTD publications:

One of the primary goals of the TTD is to disseminate the Hindu Sanatana Dharma and the Sri Venkateswara Bhakti cult via the free distribution of TTD publications. Additionally, the TTD strives to promote these publications by organising book exhibits whenever they are deemed necessary.

There are over 4000 titles available in Telugu and in other languages at the moment. In addition to selling a variety of other publications around the nation, the TTD’s publishing division is also responsible for selling 6 lakh dictionaries and 20 lakh calendars under the TTD brand.

Sapthagiri Magazine Online Booking Subscription Monthly

In response to the overwhelming demand from the general population, the revered religious publications of the TTD, Bhagavatham and Maha Bharatam, are also being offered at a discounted price. The “Balabharathi” series of books is also offered for low costs with the goal of instilling moral ideals in youngsters who are already enrolled in school.

Additionally, the TTD gives libraries that approach it with an offer to exhibit its publications free books to the value of Rs. 15,000 worth of books.

TTD’s Sapthagiri magazine:

In 1949, the publication that is now known as Sapthagiri began life as a TTD newsletter. It is now being published in Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi in addition to English and is being distributed nationwide in the form of an illustrated religious magazine that is issued on a monthly basis. The mission of the publication is to encourage individuals to think positively and improve their bhakti via the dissemination of religious ideas, the cultivation of spiritual values, and the growth of bhakti. Articles about Hindu culture and philosophy may be found in the book Sapthagiri.

Along with this, this journal also includes numerous updates and comments on TTD’s various programmes, as well as new schemes and arrangements on Darshan, Accommodation, and other amenities found at Tirumala. In addition, each issue will have a number of stunning photographs of Lord Sri Venkateswara. The good news is that TTD has established preparations for devotees of the Lord to access this monthly spiritual journal online in the TIRUMALA.ORG site. These arrangements were made to assist followers of the Lord.

Sapthagiri Magazine subscription cost:

  • Annual subscription: Rs.60/-
  • Lifetime subscription: Rs. 500/-

Articles about Hindu Philosophy, Dharmas, and Culture may be found in the publication Sapthagiri Magazine. In addition to that, it includes specialised entries on the Vedas, Hindu customs and festivals, Hindu architecture, as well as the Sandehalu and Samadhanalu on Hindu tenets (Questions and Answers). Additionally, it has been thoughtfully crafted to include information on TTD Tirumala, the Tirumala Srivari Annual Sevas, and other services and amenities that are made available to pilgrims.

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This monthly magazine, Sapthagiri, is available for subscription for a minimum of one year or for life to devotees and pilgrims who are interested in the subject matter.

Sapthagiri Magazine Office Address:

The Chief Editor,

Sapthagiri Office,

Press Compound TTD,

KT Road 


The following are the numbers to call for contact: 0877-2264543, 2264359

How to Book an Online Subscription to the Monthly Issue of Sapthagiri Magazine:

  1. Visit the official website for Tirumala
  2. Sign in to the TTD website using the credentials you have.
  3. Under the heading “Publications,” choose the “Sapthagiri Magazine” link.
  4. You will be taken to the subscription page for Sapthagiri Magazine in a moment.
  5. Pick between an annual or permanent subscription.
  6. Please include your contact information and shipping address.
  7. After you have completed everything, click the proceed button, and you will be sent to the payments page.
  8. After the payment has been processed, an acknowledgment receipt will be emailed to the email address provided.

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