Satyanarayana Vratham Yadagirigutta Temple 2023 Online Booking 

Know the details about the Satyanarayana Vratham Yadagirigutta Temple 2023 Online Booking, Satyanarayana Vratham Yadagirigutta Temple 2023, Satyanarayana Vratham Yadagirigutta Temple 2023 Online Booking

Many people think that the Yadagirigutta temple is the most well-known place of worship in the whole state of Telangana. The Yadadri temple is another name for the Yadagirigutta temple. The temple is the place where the Lord Lakhsmi Narasimha Swamy lives. In the form of Narasimha Swamy, Lord Vishnu has also shown himself. The Satyanarayana Vratham is the most well-known ceremony for devotees. It takes place at the Yadagirigutta temple. The following details are about the Yadagirigutta Satyanarayana Vratham Online Booking, which will happen in 2023. Pilgrims will be able to sign up for the Yadagirigutta Satyanarayana Vratham in the next two days.

The pilgrims can sign up for the vratham either online or in person. On the website of the temple, pilgrims can use online booking to make reservations for the vratham. Offline means that devotees can make reservations for the Vratham by going to the temple in person. If the devotees go to the temple first and then make their reservation for the vratham there, they don’t need to make an online reservation.

Satyanarayana Vratham Yadagirigutta Temple 2023 Online Booking 

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2023 Yadagirigutta Temple Satyanarayana Vratham timings:

  • The Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham must be done every single day (Not on the special days)
  • Timings are 7:30 a.m, 10:00 a.m, 12:00 p.m and 4:00 p.m
  • Rs. 800 is the price of a ticket.
  • Only two people per couple or one person per person are allowed.

Dress code:

  • Men: White Pancha, Dhoti / Kurta, Pyjama.
  • Women can wear a half saree, a saree with a blouse, a Punjabi dress with a dupatta, a Chudidhar with a dupatta, or a Punjabi dress with a dupatta.

Yadagirigutta Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham Procedure:

Vratham was done for the worshipers in a building called a “Mantap” that was on the temple grounds. It is done to show respect for the Utsava gods. The Vratham ritual is carried out by the priest. This pooja, which helps families be healthy and wealthy, can be done by a married couple. After an hour of Vratham, it’s time for Darshan. Tickets can be bought at the desk, which is where you go when you get there.

Yadagirigutta Sathya Narayana Vratham Benefits:

  • This pooja, which was done for wealth and children, was usually done by people who had just gotten married.
  • In the past, married people would do this pooja to make sure the health of their families.
  • In the past, this pooja was done by single people who wanted to get rich, move up in their careers, and find a good partner.
  • Pooja will be done as part of the House Warming ceremony.
  • Putting money into real estate or starting a brand-new business.
  • Setting up the new office is like starting a new business.

Information for the Pilgrims of a General Kind:

  • Pilgrims are told to go to the Pancha Narasimha Varu Temple first before going to the Yadagirigutta Temple.
  • The only place you can put your gifts is in the hundi.
  • Don’t perform Sastanga Pranama at the Antaralayam.
  • Inside the temple walls, you are not allowed to smoke, drink, or eat anything that is not vegetarian.
  • Don’t encourage beggars at Yadagirigutta.
  • You shouldn’t spit or throw trash anywhere near the temple’s grounds.

Location: New Satyanarayana Vratha Manapam is behind the third Ghat Road, at the back of the Yadadri Hill.

2023 Yadagirigutta Temple Satyanarayana Vratham Online Booking:

You can buy tickets at the Vratha Mandapam, or you can go to the Yadadri Devasthanam Official Website ( and order them there.

  1. Check out the page about the Yadadri temple on the official site.
  2. Click on Eseva. Choose “Sri Lakshmi Narasimha swamy vari temple,” and then from the drop-down menu, choose “Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham.”
  3. After that, enter your personal information, such as your name, gothram, nakshatram, contact information, and so on.
  4. Just click the button that says “Make payment” to send your payment.
  5. At this time, your reservation has been made for the Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham.


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