Sholingur Temple Doli Timings Ticket Charges Booking Process

Know the details about the Sholingur Temple Doli Timings Ticket Charges Booking Process, Sholingur Temple Doli Timings Ticket Charges, Sholingur Temple Doli Timings Ticket Charges Booking Process

Gatikachalam, which is also called the Sholinghur Narasimhar Swamy Temple, is a place of worship for the god Vishnu (also called Lord Yogi Narasimha Swamy) and his wife, Sri Amirthavalli. A yoga pose could be seen as a way to show God. Sholinghur is home to the Big Hill Temple and the Small Hill Temple, which are both on top of hills. People think of them as one of the 108 holy places that are called Divya Desams. One of the most interesting parts of the complex is the pond inside the temple. It is called Thakkan Kulam. To get to the shrine, which is dedicated to the god who lives there, Sri Yoga Narasimhar, you have to climb close to 1300 stairs. It is about 115 kilometres away from the city of Chennai.

Devotees can go anywhere they want inside the temple, and darshan services don’t cost anything for visitors. During festivals like the 10-day Bramothsavam, the Navarathri Uthsavam, and the Karthigai Festival, the times for Darshan, Aarti, and Pooja may change at the Sholingur Temple.

Sholingur Temple Doli Timings Ticket Charges Booking Process

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One example of a holy place is the Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy temple at Sholingur, which is in the Vellore District. Local legend says that people who come to this temple to worship the Lord will get better once they do so.

Sholingur Temple Doli Ticket Charges:

  • There are 1305 steps in the Narasimhar Temple. The price of a dolly is Rs.2000.
  • The total number of steps at Anjaneyar Temple is 406. The price of a dolly is Rs.1000.

Sholingur Temple Doli Timings:

Dolly is available from 8 am to 6 pm every day. Sholingur Dolly charges can change at any time without notice.

On the hill locks, you can find the Sholingur Temples. Walking is the only way to get to the top of the Sholingur Temples. Both of the temples have about 1000 steps. The Sholingur Temple is different from the other temple in the state in that it does not have a road path. So, the temple can’t be visited by pilgrims who can’t climb the mountain.

How to book Sholingur Temple Doli:

  • This is why the Dolly car is at the Sholingur Temple. This means that other people will use the Doli or the Dolly to carry a person to the top of the temples.
  • Both the Narasimha temple and the Anjaneyar temple can use the doli service. Here are the prices for tickets to both temples:
  • To get to the top of the hill where the Narsimha temple is, you have to climb 1300 steps. So, the Doli will cost Rs. 2,000 per person.
  • The Doli costs Rs. 1000 for the Anjaneya Temple, which has more than 400 steps.
  • Pilgrims can go straight to the temple and buy tickets at the centres for ticket sales. The Doli doesn’t have a way to book ahead of time or online.


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