Shukra Moudyami 2022 Date Sukra Mooda Timings Muhurtham

Know the latest details about Shukra Moudyami 2022 Date Sukra Mooda Timings Muhurtham, Shukra Moudyami 2022 Date, Shukra Moudyami 2022

Shukra Maudhyam takes place between Thursday, September 15 and Friday, December 2. Astrology describes two types of Madhyams. The first is Shukra Maudhyam, and the second is Guru Maudhyam. Shukra Maudhyam lasts 79 days, from September 15th to December 2nd. Third is a colloquial term for Maudhyam. The Navagrahas orbit the Sun. When the Earth and the Sun are in the same line as a planet, that planet is invisible to Earth’s inhabitants. This is known as Astangatvam or Mudam.

The Sun is the king of the planets, which means that if any planet gets too close to the Sun, Agraha loses its strength; hence, when the Guru gets too close to the Sun, Guru Maudhyam occurs, and when Venus gets too close to the Sun, Shukra Maudhyam occurs. They get weak at that point. That is why Shastras warn against auspicious activities under the guise of superstition. Despite the fact that this circumstance occurs for all planets, astrology considers only weakening of power to the benefic planets Guru and Venus to be a dosha.

Shukra Moudyami 2022 Date Sukra Mooda Timings Muhurtham

Shukra Moudyami 2022 Date and Sukra Mooda Timings:

2022-2023 Shukra Moodam (15 September 2022 to 2 December 2022)

Sri Swasthi Shubhakruth Nama Samvatsara Shukra Moodami begins at 2.41 AM on 15 September 2022, Bhadrapad Krishna Panchami (Bhadrapada Bahula Panchami), by Shukra Graha Astha in Simha Rashi Poorvaphalguni Nakhatra 2nd quarter in East direction.

Shukra Moodam will finish on December 2, 2022, Shukla Dashami in Margashirsha Month (Margashira Masam), at 5.30 AM, Jyeshta Nakshatra 3rd quarter in Vrischika Rashi, following Shukra Graha Udayam in West direction.

Shukra Moudyami – Astrological importance:

It is thought that the days when Jupiter and Venus are closest to the Sun are superstitious, and no good deeds should be performed. Guru Shukra is seen to be beneficial for any auspicious programme, and if it is strong, wonderful things will occur. Any auspicious deed performed during a superstition will be inauspicious. Astrology predicts that there will be difficulties and loss.

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Nature’s richness falls throughout the Shukra Maudhyam era. the ocean There will be tide fluctuations. Earthquake dangers abound in Venus-ruled islands and areas. Women are the most likely victims of rape. Venus is a samsara and romantic life component. Samsarajivita will be difficult if Venus is weak in the horoscope. Such individuals should recite the Indrani Devi Stotram.

Things to avoid in Shukra Moudyami:

  1. People willing to travel can travel.
  2. Repairs are possible.
  3. Land can be purchased, sold, and agreements established.
  4. Can start new jobs.
  5. Can study or work in another country.
  6. Can purchase new automobiles and clothing.
  7. Festivals such as Jatakarma, horoscope writing, Navagraha Shantulu, Japa, Homadi Shantulu, and Gandanakshatra Shantulu can be held.
  8. It is possible to perform Seemantam, Namakaranam, and Annaprasanadi programmes.
  9. According to Shastra, if pregnant women and infants are required to travel, Shukra Dosha will not apply if they travel with their spouse during Ashwini in favourable tithus and Revati stars in auspicious hora.

Things to avoid in Shukra Moudyami:

  1. Marriage should not be undertaken under auspicious circumstances.
  2. It is not appropriate to write Lagna Patrika.
  3. Even marriage-related language should be avoided.
  4. Do not shave your child’s hair.
  5. House foundations should not be built.
  6. Do not perform yagnas, mantras, idol worship, or vratas.
  7. With the arrival of a new bride, purchasing a new automobile is no longer necessary.
  8. Vedavidhyarambha, ear piercing, wells, borings, and ponds should not be dug. Do not establish a new business, for example.

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