Sirkazhi Vaitheeswaran Temple Timings Contacts History

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The western tower of Vaitheeswaran Koil permits sunlight to descend on the Shivalingam (Shiva Linga) for a few days each year. The temple features many mandapams and four raja gopurams. Here are Vikrama Chola (12th century CE), Nayaka (16th century), and Mahratha (18th century) inscriptions. This (10.7) acre temple is enormous. Vaitheeswaran Koil features a 5-tier gopuram and huge precincts. Thaiyalnayaki, who cures worshippers with medicinal oil, is in the second precinct facing south.

Dhanvantari and Angaraka have modest stone sculpture shrines in the vast precinct. The Thaiyalnayaki shrine overlooks this precinct’s southern doorway to the temple tank. Margosa (Azadirachta indica), the temple tree, is medicinal. The eastern temple doorway houses it. The Adi (original) temple shrine features a miniature duplicate of the major shrines at the eastern entryway. The temple has a magnificent Gangavisarjanar metal figure.

Sirkazhi Vaitheeswaran temple Timings Contacts History

Sattainathapuram’s sluice shutter is 35 inches long and 8 inches wide, according to the inscription on the Subramanya shrine’s stairs. The one on the right of the temple tank reveals that the tank, Nachiyar shrine, and its hall were entirely refurbished when Kanderayar ruled the Sigali Simai and Muthukumaraswami Tambiran, a student of Sivagnanadesikar-Sambandar of the Dharmapuram Adheenam, managed the temple.

The second precinct wall inscriptions say that the courtyard of Thayalnayagi temple, holy stairs, and Tattisuri hall were erected in Tamil year 4868, or 1689 CE. A document given by Sankarabaragiri Rengopanditar to temple agent Ambalavanatambiran lies on the floor beside the accountant. The Easter entrance inscription mentions Tiruvalipparu’s Manipallam tax contribution.

Bhairava, Veerabhadran, Karpage Vinayagar, and Mother Kali protect Vaitheeswaran Koil. West-facing sanctum. Unlike other temples, the Navagrahas are aligned. Ramar, Sadayu, Murugar, Suriyan, and Chevvai neighbor Bairavan. Chevvai has an idol. Utsavar (the idol that is carried in procession during festivals) is near the Vaithyanathaswamy sannidhi (shrine), while moolavar (the idol that is permanently put) is on the eastern side of the outer praharam (circumambulatory path). Every Tuesday, the goat-mounted Utsava Murthy is paraded within the temple.

Dhanvantari is one of this temple’s 18 Siddhas. The pra haram (circumambulatory walk) surrounds Vaitheeswaran’s Sannidhi has a modest Dhanvantari temple (Sanctum sanctorum). Thanjavur’s Sirkazhi Vaitheeswaran temple honors Siva. Selva Muthu Kumara’s sandal is holy.

The temple includes 18 Tirthas, the most important of which is Siddha Amrita, where worshippers used to sprinkle jaggery and salt, bathe, and adore the Lord. Lord Siva is Vaidyanathar and Goddess Thaiyanayaki. Cholas, Nayaks, and Vijayanagara Kings supported this shrine. The temple has some inscriptions from Vikrama Chola in 1117 AD, Virapandya Acchuthappa Nayak, and Tulasamahraja.

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Sirkazhi Vaitheeswaran Temple Timings Contacts History

Legends say Jatayu worshipped the Lord here, thus the name Jatayupuri. Vedas adored Lord, therefore Vedapuri. The Sthala was worshipped by Kanda, Parithipuri, Angarakapura, and Ambikapuram. Lord Muruga got the Vel (Weapon) to kill Sura. Ghost-possessed people worship the god for relief. Sri Rama fulfilled Jat ayu’s funeral wishes in Jatayu Kunda. Jatayu Kunda Tirtha heals skin problems.

 Sirkazhi Vaitheeswaran temple Available Transport

  • By Air, The closest airport is located in Tiruchirapalli, which is 159 kilometers distant.
  • By Train, The Kumbakonam train station is the one that is the most convenient for you. The temple is located within walking distance of the train station
  • By Road Temple is not difficult to access from Kumbakonam at all.

Contact Details Temple Timings Location:

  • Sri Vaidyanatha Swami Temple, Vaitheeswaran Koil –609 117, Nagapattinam district.
  • Phone: +91- 4364- 279 423.
  • Timings: 6 am–12 pm –  4:30–9:30 pm Every Day

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