Sri Rama Navami Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF Online Access

Know the details about the Sri Rama Navami Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF Online Access, Sri Rama Navami Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF Online

In Telugu, Sri Rama Navami Pooja Vidhanam: 

On Chaitra Suddha Navami in the afternoon in the Abhijittu Lagna under the Cancer sign, Sri Rama Chandra, the seventh manifestation of Sri Maha Vishnu, was born. On Chaitra Shuddha Navami, we celebrate both Sri Rama Chandra Kalyanam Mahotsavam and the Sri Rama Navami festival.

The celebration that honours Lord Rama is called Sri Rama Navami. The North Indian states are where the Sri Rama Navami is primarily observed. In addition to the North Indian states, the Telugu states also lavishly celebrate the Sri Rama Navami holiday. The Sri Rama Navami festival will be celebrated in magnificent style by the Telugu states each year. The Sri Rama Navami celebration will be observed in all areas, including small towns and large cities. On the day of Sri Rama Navami, the temple will perform the kalyanam.

The pooja can be performed at home by pilgrims who were unable to travel to the temples. The Sri Rama Navami puja is easy to perform at home. 

Sri Rama Navami Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF Online Access

Devotees in the Telugu states typically follow the Sri Rama Navami Pooja Vidhanam process listed below.

It’s not very difficult to perform the Sri Rama Navami pooja vidhanam at home. Before the day, the devotees should clean their residence before bringing all of the pooja supplies.

The idol or the portrait of Lord Rama or Lord Balaji may be owned by followers. The pilgrims may take a head wash and do pooja on Sri Rama Navami.

The pilgrims must decorate their residence and pooja mandir in the morning. After that, you must prepare the prasadam for the Sri Rama Navami festival.

The Vadapappu and Panakam for the Lord are the typical prasadams offered for the Sri Rama Navami celebration. This can be prepared quickly and offered to the Lord.

The pilgrims can perform the pooja and the harathi, which is required to complete the Sri Rama Navami Pooja Vidhanam, after the prasadam has been offered.

  1. Dhyanam (Dhyana) should be used to begin Sri Rama Puja.
  1. Organize a pooja for Sri Rama and his parivara. (Avahanam)

Namaha Avahayami Om Sri Sitha Ramachandra Parabrahmane

  1. Offer Lord Rama and his family water, and wash your hands, feet, and lips. parivara to wash their mouths, feet, and hands.

(Hold up a bowl, pour water into it, and sprinkle it on the Lord’s hands)

  • Bring Lord Rama a shower
  • Towel the Lord Rama with a flower.
  • Give Lord Rama a flower along with some silky soft clothing.
  • To honour Lord Rama as the thilakam, they should place a flower on their forehead..
  • Light a candle and pray to the Lord and His parivar, saying, “Om Sri Sita Ramachandra Parabrahmane Namaha Dhupam Samarpayami.”
  • Show Lord Rama a deepam with an auspicious lamp lit on it.
  • Present Lord Sri Rama with fruit or other food.
  • Show Lord Rama the lit Camphor Karupuram while facing it clockwise.
  • offering flowers and pleading for their well-being
  • Distribute the thirtham and prasadam to all those present during the puja, take some for yourself, and greet new devotees by doing the same.

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On Rama Navami, some devotees also perform the Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam (celestial marriage of Sita and Lord Sri Ram). The conclusion of Ram Navratri occurs on Ram Navami. According to some traditions, the idols that are worshipped during Navratri are taken to the nearest temple to be kept there, or they are immersed in water.

Srirama Astotharam, Sri Ramaksha Stotram, Sriramastakam, Srirama Sahasram, and Slokas from Srimadramavanam should be chanted during the Pooja period.

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