Srikalahasti Brahmotsavam 2023 Updates Pooja Timings Darshan

Know More Information About The Srikalahasti Brahmotsavam 2023 Updates Pooja Timings Darshan, Temple Timings, Location, Special Rituals, And More

Srikalahasti Brahmotsavam commences on 13 Feb and Concludes on 26 Feb 2023. On Brahmotsavam days, Rahu Ketu Pooja and Kala Sarpa Dosha Pooja will be performed on all days. On the days of the Brahmotsavam, you will not be allowed to do Rudrabhishekam.

The devoted followers of Lord Siva were honored with the naming of Sri Kalahasti. They were known as the Elephant (Sri), the Spider (Kala), and the Serpent (Kala) ( Hasti). Because of their unwavering devotion, Lord Siva was appeased, and he bestowed upon them the boon of having their names merged with the Vayu Linga and being given the name Sri Kalahasteeswara.

Hasti was responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the Shiva Linga by transporting river water with its trunk and depositing bilva leaves atop the structure. The Spider (also known as Sri) spins his web around the Shiva Lingam to shield it from any potential harm that may come from the outside world. The valuable jewel of the Serpent (Kala) was traditionally placed atop the Linga, which was then used to ornament the Lord. They all worshipped the Vayu Linga in this manner, but they did it independently and were unaware of one another’s actions.

Srikalahasti Brahmotsavam 2023 Updates Pooja Timings Darshan

One day, the Spider had constructed a very large and thick web around the deity in order to protect it from dust and the weather while the Snake placed its gem. The Elephant, who is unaware of this fact and who incorrectly assumes that Sri and Kala’s method of doing puja is a type of sacrilege committed by the Apparent Mischief-Makers, washes it down with water and cleans it up. Because of this, war breaks out between the three of them.

The snake inflicts its punishment on the elephant by entering its trunk, but in doing so, it ultimately kills itself. Meanwhile, the elephant becomes berserk and strikes both its trunk and its head on the Shiva Linga. During this conflict, the elephant’s trunk crushes the spider against the linga, and the elephant ultimately perishes as a result of the snake’s venom. After then, Lord Shiva made his appearance and, as a reward for their altruistic dedication, he bestowed Moksha on all three of them.

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As the Elephant and the Snake arrive in heaven after completing all of their karmic obligations, the Spider is reborn as a mighty ruler. The King continues the good work that he started in his previous life and constructs a number of temples out of tonnes of stones in an effort to shield the underlying god from harm. It is noteworthy to note that in every one of his temples, the god is kept at a location that an elephant cannot reach.

Srikalahasti Brahmotsavam 2023 Updates Pooja Timings Darshan

Temple Timings:

  • 6 am – 9 pm

Maha Shivaratri Brahmotsavam 2023 Timings:

13 Feb 2023 (Day 1)

  • Sri Kanapa Dwajarohanam will be at 4 PM
  • Ankurarpanam

14 Feb 2023 (Day 2)

  • Srikalahasteeswara Swamy Dwajarohanam
  • Vendi Ambari Vahana Seva  8 AM
  • Vendi Ambari Seva  8 PM
  • Devaratri

15 Feb 2023 (Day 3)

  • Rendava Tirunallu
  • Suryaprabha and Chappara Vahanam  9 AM
  • Bhootha and Chiluka Vahanam  8 PM
  • Bhutaratri

16 Feb 2023 (Day 4)

  • Mudava Tirunallu
  • Hamsa and Yali Vahana Seva  9 AM
  • Ravana and Mayura Vahana Seva  8 PM
  • Gandarwaratri

17 Feb 2023 (Day 5)

  • Nalugava Tirunallu
  • Hamsa and Suka Vahanam  9 AM
  • Sesha Vahanam and Yali Vahanam 8 PM
  • Nagaratri

18 Feb 2023 (Day 6)

  • Aidiva Tirunallu Nandi Seva
  • Indra Vimanam and Chappara Seva  10 AM
  • Nandi and Simha Vahanam Seva  9 PM
  • Mahasivaratri day

19 Feb 2023 (Day 7)

  • Aarova Tirunallu
  • Rathotsavam starts 11 AM
  • Teppotsavam 8 PM
  • Brahmaratri

20 Feb 2023 (Day 8)

  • Sri Swamy Ammavari Kalyanam
  • Adikara Nandi and Kamadhenu Vahana Seva at 9 AM
  • Gaja and Simha Vahana Seva  9 PM
  • Skandaratri

21 Feb 2023 (Day 9)

  • Sri Sabapathy Kalyanam
  • Rudraksha Ambari Vahanam  11 AM
  • Sri Sabapathi Kalyanam  7 PM
  • Anandaratri

22 Feb 2023 (Day 10)

  • Kailasagiri Pradakshinam
  • Banatha Ambari Vahanam  7 AM
  • Aswa and Simha Vahanam
  • Rushiratri.

23 Feb 2023 (Day 11)

  • Therdavari Dwajarohanam
  • Kediga Vahana Seva 12 Noon
  • Simha and Kamadhenu Vahana Seva 9 PM
  • Devaratri

24 Feb 2023 (Day 12)

  • Pallaki Seva 8 PM

25 Feb 2023 (Day 13)

  • Ekantha Seva 9 PM
  • Maharatri

This is the complete information about Srikalahasti Brahmotsavam 2023 Updates Pooja Timings Darshan.

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