Srikalahasti Temple Office Phone Number Devasthanam

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Sri Kalahastheeswara Swami Vari Temple is among the oldest and most historically significant Salvet temples in India. Vayu assumes the form of Shiva and is worshipped as Kalahastheeswara:

Here, Goddess Parvathi Devi is venerated under the name Gnanaprasunambika. Sri Kalahasti is the location of the temple in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor District. The expansive Kalahastheeswara temple faces west and was constructed adjacent to a hill and the Swarnamukhi River. In certain locations, the hill serves as the temple’s wall. The prakarams of the temple follow the contours of the adjacent hill, hence the temple’s layout is not particularly straight. The Durgambika hill is located to the temple’s north. Kannappar hill is located to the south, while Kumaraswamy hill is located to the east.

Rahu Ketu Sarpadosha Nivarana puja is an extremely potent ceremony performed in the Sri Kalahasteeswara temple, also known as Rahu-Ketu kshetra. People with Rahu-Ketu doshas, Grahadoshas, sarva doshas, who are unmarried, childless, or who have long-standing issues perform this particular puja to eliminate these doshas and achieve their desired outcomes. Thousands of devotees from all across India and the rest of the world travel to perform this puja in order to fulfil their vows. This pooja will be performed every day between 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Srikalahasti Temple Office Phone Number Devasthanam

History – Srikalahasthi temple:

According to ancient Tamil traditions, Sri Kalahasti has been known as the “Kailas of the South” for almost 2,000 years, and the tiny river it rests on as the “Ganges of the South.” When locals refer to Kalahasti as the “Kailas of the South,” they indicate that the little hill next to the temple is the Himalayan spiritual equivalent of Kailas.

The god Kalahastheeswara faces west and represents liberty. He is Kalahasti’s lord. Liberation, which occurs when the ego dies and the Self is rediscovered, is the final stage of life, much as setting is the sun’s final act before it disappears behind the horizon. This temple received donations from both the Tamil Cholas and the Vijayanagara emperors. According to legend, Adi Sankara visited this shrine to worship. In the 10th century CE, the Chola people wrote on the walls of this temple. The Telugu poetry “Sri Kalahasti Satakam” discusses the temple’s traditions.

Devotees might be in need to talk to the temple officials regarding donations, reservations or complaints. Below are the details where devotees can get in touch with officials.

 Srikalahasti Temple Office Phone Number Devasthanam

The Executive Officer,

Sri Kalahastiswara Swamy Vari Devasthanams,

Sri Kalahasthi, Chittor District,

Andhra Pradesh.

Pincode: 517644

Enquiry: 08578-222240


S.NoDesignationCell No.Names
1Executive Officer08578-222240Sri Sagar Babu
2Assistant Commissioner08578-222240Sri N R Krishna Reddy
3Assistant Commissioner08578-222240Sri G.Mallikarjuna Prasad
4Executive Engineer08578-222240Sri K Gangaiah
5Pradhana Archaka08578-222240Sri K Sambandham Gurukul
6Assistant Executive Officer08578-222240Sri .N.V. Mohan
7Assistant Executive Officer08578-222240Smt. S.Hemamalini
8Assistant Executive Officer08578-222240Sri AK Danapal
9Assistant Executive Officer08578-222240Sri C.H. Srinivasa Reddy
10Superintendents08578-222240Sri P.Lokesh Babu
11Superintendents08578-222240Sri Y Sathish Mallik
12Superintendents08578-222241SriT Ravi Sri B Vijaya saradhi
13Superintendents08578-222242Sri C Nagabhusanam
14Upa Pradhana Archakas08578-222243Sri V.Karunaker Gurukul
15Deputy Executive Engineer08578-222244Sri G.Muralidhar Reddy

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  1. Is there any chance to do shanidjev -pooja while returning from thirulathi is that correct or any mistake

  2. Today 03.07.2023 Morning I and wife came to Srikalahasti temple. I am sorry to say, the arrangements of God seeing in queue is very worst. Initially only queue us available. Then all are going in crowd. Aged people and children are vety much in trouble for seeing god shive. In future we pray god only in house not in kalasthi. Please make arrangements like Tirupathi.

  3. Can u please tell me the details and timings of guru dakshinamurthy swamy vari pooja and
    What should we bring from our side to perform pooja?

  4. Namaskar, I want to Book Rahu-Kethu Pooja. Can I book in advance from Bangalore is there any online booking facility. do we have staying facility and how to book the rooms. Is there any limit in issuing pooja tickets. What are all the pooja items I need to bring or is everything is provided at Temple. As I am not able to sit[I have undergone surgery in my right knee] on the floor to perform pooja, can I get a small stool. Kindly provide me the relevant details in the email id given.
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  5. Can we do Navagraha shanti puja and Sarpathosa Shanti puja on the same day? Any advance booking to be done or can we visiti temple directly and book for puja?


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