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Around 20 kilometers separate Sirkazhi from Mayiladuthurai, while another 19 separate it from Chidambaram. The road from Chidambaram to Kumbakonam passes here. The temple is located around two kilometers from the Sirkazhi train station. Alternative Devara Paadal There are a number of important Petra Sthalams (temples) in the area, including Thirukkolakka, Thirumullaivasal, Thiruvenkadu, Chayavanam, Poompukar, Mahendrapalli, Thirukkurukavur, and Achalpuram.

Moolavar Temple deities Sri Brahmapureeswarar, Sri Uma Maheswarar, Sri Sattainathar, Sri Thoniappar, and Sri Vadukanathar Ambal Saints Thirugnanasambanthar, Thirunavukarasar (Appar), and Sundaramurthy composed the hymn “Sri Thirunilai Nayagi, Sri Periyanayaki, Sri Sthira Sundari Theertham (Holy water) Brahma Theertham Sthala Vriksham (Sacred Tree) Parijadam / Pavazhamalli Pathigam” (Sundarar)

Srikazhi Bhramapureeswarar Temple Timings Online Booking

Located on the northern bank of the Cauvery in Chozha Nadu, this Shiva Sthalam is the fourteenth of the 276 Devara Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalams (Vadakarai). Swayambumurthi is the form of Shiva worshipped at this temple (self-manifested). In this, the eleventh of the Shakti Peetas, Goddess Parvathy appears as Mahalakshmi. The great saint Thirugnanasambanthar, the pioneer of the four Samaya Kuravars, was born in this city (Nalvar). Moovar Paadal Petra Sthalam describes this place. Gananatha Nayanar, one of the 63 Nayanmars, was also born here.

Background on the Temple

This temple dates back more than 1500 years. In the past, this area has been known as Brahmapuram, Venupuram, Pukali, Venguru, Thonipuram, Poontharaai, Sirapuram, Puravam, Shanbai, Seekazhi, Kochaivayam, and Kazhumalam, for a total of 12 different names. The saint Thirugnanasambanthar was born in this city. His own dedicated temple may be seen at Sirkazhi.

The name Sirkazhi comes from the Hindu goddess Kali, who is said to have offered adoration to the local lord. (“Sree” is a reverent prefix and “Kali” refers to the deity. Dharumapuram Aadheenam oversees the maintenance of twenty-seven temples, including this one.

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Srikazhi Bhramapureeswarar Temple Timings Online Booking

There may have been a global flood in the past that covered the planet in water. Lord Shiva is said to have travelled here with Goddess Parvathy on a raft (called a “Thoni” in Tamil) while transporting the 64 arts. This is why worshippers here call the Lord Sri Thoniappar, and the surrounding area is known as “Thonipuram.”

It is on this night, every Friday, that worshippers pay homage to Lord Bhairavar (Sattainathar), who legend has it calmed the ego of Lord Thrivikrama (Ulgalantha Perumal) after the latter’s display of dominion over the three worlds (the annihilation of Emperor Mahabali). Each and every Friday, from sunset to midnight, devotees of Sri Sattainathar gather here to do a special puja. Praise of the Lord at this time is highly prized. The city of Sirkazhi is home to many temples, one of which is dedicated to Sri Ulgalantha Perumal.

In his arrogance, Brahma grew to believe that he alone was the most powerful of the three gods. Lord Shiva intentionally caused him to forget the “Pranava Mantra” in order to teach him a valuable lesson. Brahma, realising his error, came here to worship Lord Shiva and had his memory restored. Lord Shiva is also honoured as “Sri Bhramapureeswarar” due to the widespread belief that Brahma worshipped him there.

Lord Brahma, Lord Mahavishnu, Lord Murugan, Lord Indira, Lord Guru Bhagawan, Lord Suryan, Lord Chandran, Lord Rahu, Lord Kethu, Lord Adisheshan, Goddess Kali, Sages Parasara, Romasa, Veda Vyasa, and Emperor Sibi are all said to have paid homage to the lord of this temple.

Saint Thirugnanasambanthar, who lived in the seventh century, was supposedly born here. Sambanthar was the son of Sivapada Hrudayar and Bhagavathiar, both members of the Brahmin caste. When Sambanthar was still a little child, his father took him to a Shiva temple. Sambanthar, the temple’s small son, began to weep as his father left to go have a swim in the “Brahma Theertham.”

Hearing the child’s cries, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi materialised before him. They say that Goddess Parvathi gave him a bottle of knowledge milk (Gnanappaal). Sambanthar’s father was taken aback when he came home and saw his son with milk still on his lips. As he inquired as to his source of sustenance, the youngster pointed to the heavens and sang “Thodudaya Seviyan,” the first hymn and stanza of the sacred Devaram.

Impressiveness of this Temple

It’s common to see vanity and arrogance as flaws that should be avoided at all costs. Those who come here to worship the Lord do so in the hope that doing so would help them overcome their own naiveté. Those who are petitioning the Lord for success in court battles sometimes do so because they believe that He will help them prevail.

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