Srinivasam Complex Tirupati Free Darshan Tickets Timings Today

Know the details about the Srinivasam Complex Tirupati Free Darshan Tickets Timings Today, TTD Srinivasam Complex Darshan Tickets Offline.

Tirupati Darshan is giving out free tickets, and you can reserve them online right now. At the Vishnu Nilayam Guest House, tickets for the same day and the next day’s darshanam are distributed each and every morning. You are able to go there to get all of the free darshan tickets, and you may carry the tickets with you if you have a valid government-issued ID Proof. Additionally, each member of your family is eligible to receive a ticket. The Q Line will begin operating daily at 5 am, and tickets will be available beginning at 8 am. Two thousand tickets will be distributed for each hourly time slot.

For the convenience of pilgrims, the TTD will distribute Sarva Darshan tickets at many locations in Tirupati and Tirumala. To make a reservation for Darshan at one of these kiosks, all the pilgrims need to do is bring their Aadhaar cards. Within Tirupati itself, the counter may be found in five different locations. It indicates that the devotees may reserve their seats at the Tirumala temple even before they are there.

Srinivasam Complex Tirupati Free Darshan Tickets Timings Today

There is no need for the pilgrims to make any reservations before they visit Tirupati. There will be instances when pilgrims are unable to buy their Darshan tickets because there are not enough seats available. In this scenario, the pilgrims are able to come straight to the Tirupati temple in order to purchase tickets for the Sarva Darshan. When visiting the temple, visitors are required to have their Aadhaar cards with them at all times.

The next step for the pilgrims is to make their way to the Srinivasam Complex and attend the ticket booking booth there. As soon as the pilgrims arrive at the Srinivasam Complex, they will be able to see the displays that indicate the time slots that are available for the Free Darshan on the specific day they are visiting. Using their biometric information, the pilgrims may make reservations for free Darshan tickets, and the staff will provide them with the tickets they need to enter the Darshan area.

Free Srinivasam Complex Ticket Counter Hours of Operation: 24 Hours. The ticket counter for the Srinivasam Complex can be found just across from the Tirupati Balaji bus terminus. Tickets may be purchased at the Srinivasam Complex as follows: Slotted Sarva Darshan

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Free Darshan Tickets Timings And Instructions

  • Pilgrims may now order an E-special entry for Darshan 300/- online. At Tirupathi” Srinivasam complex” For same Day Darshan Tickets handiest.
  • The hours of operation for the Counter Issuing Counter are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Darshan Hours of Operation There are openings available from midday till eight in the evening throughout the afternoon.
  • According to the instructions on the Darshan price ticket, the devotee has to queue at the ATC automobile parking area. Tickets are not transferrable to another person. Pilgrims may make reservations for lodging in Tirupati at the SRINIVASAM complex, MADHAVAM, or VISHNU NIVASAM hotels, all of which are located in Tirupati.
  • The beginning Tariff is two hundred and fifty rupees, three hundred and fifty rupees, four hundred and fifty rupees, five hundred and eighty rupees, one thousand and three hundred rupees.
  • The counter will be open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Timings for Slots Darshan range from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and the quota is constant with those times. Day: each day, such as (Monday to Friday), there are a total of 5000 Tickets available.
  • A total of 1500 Tickets are available on the Weekends (both Saturday and Sunday).

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