Srirangam Yatri Nivas Devasthanam Rooms Online Booking Rent

Know the details about the Srirangam Yatri Nivas Devasthanam Rooms Online Booking Rent, Srirangam Devasthanam Cottage Prices, And Booking.

The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is a Hindu place of worship that is devoted to the deity Ranganatha and can be found in the city of Tiruchirapalli in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Believers can send their questions and concerns to the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple through an operational support system that is available at the temple.

The rest homes for pilgrims are called Yatri Nivas, and they may be found at Srirangam. Visitors to the Srirangam Temple who like to stay overnight may do so at the Yatri Nivas, which is located near the shrine. The devotees who make the journey to the Srirangam temple would be required to spend the night in the complex. To accomplish this goal, the officials of the temple have built various rest cottages specifically for pilgrims. The Srirangam Temple allows visitors to make reservations for accommodations and spend the night there. The pilgrims will have a simple time making reservations for their accommodations.

Srirangam Yatri Nivas Devasthanam Rooms Online Booking Rent

The Srirangam temple sees an influx of tens of thousands of visitors on a yearly basis. The vast majority of visitors to the temple are there to participate in either the unique Pooja or the seva. The devotees are welcome to visit the temple, where they may complete their Darshan. The Yatri Nivas can be found in Srirangam, and guests who are looking for a place to stay on their journey may make reservations at this facility. Yatri Nivas, which is part of the Srirangam temple, can be found about one km away from the actual temple. The Yatri Nivas is conveniently located close to the temple, making it easy for pilgrims to stroll there and then to their apartments.

The Yatri Nivas is equipped with a large number of rooms, allowing it to provide lodging for the pilgrims. Both online and in-person booking options are available for pilgrims visiting Yatri Nivas. The official website of the Srirangam temple allows people to make reservations for the Yatri Nivas. After visiting the temple, the pilgrims also have the option of making their Yatri Nivas reservations offline. Pilgrims are able to make reservations for the Yatri Nivas by reporting to the administration of the temple.

On Tuesday, the Yatri Nivas, which was constructed by the government and was intended for devotees to stay in, will be opened for use by the general public. Visitors to Srirangam may now anticipate having access to high-quality housing in an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

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Srirangam Yatri Nivas Devasthanam Rooms Tariff Charges

According to Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments, which was quoted in The Hindu, fifty percent of the available accommodations at the Yatri Nivas are taken up.

  • 500 INR for a Non-Air-Conditioned Double Bed
  • 750 Indian Rupees for a double-bed air conditioner.
  • Dormitory with 8 Beds – Rs. 800 Per Night
  • Dormitory with ten Beds – Rs. 1,000 Per Night
  • 1100 INR for a Dormitory with 11 Beds
  • 1200 INR for a Dormitory with 12 Beds
  • 1300 INR for a Dormitory with 13 Beds
  • Cottage with a dormitory that has 14 beds and costs 1,400 rupees A/C Rs. 1750

Location Details Of Srirangam Temple

A river island known as Srirangam may be found near Tiruchirapalli, which serves as the administrative center of the state of Tamil Nadu. It was constructed in the middle of the Kaveri and Kollidam rivers, and it has a total area of 155 acres of land.

To go to the temple as quickly as possible, you should make travel arrangements to arrive at the airport serving Trichy. The airport is located 15 km distant from Srirangam. If you are traveling here by rail, the distance that you will go is around 14 km. The distance to the temple from the Srirangam railway station itself is just one km.

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