Srisailam Devasthanam Rooms Booking Online Contact Number

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Within the grounds of the Srisailam Temple are a number of different resting areas. The rooms are available for the pilgrims to pick from, and they may do so according to their needs and their available funds. The cost of a room at Srisailam Temple begins at 100 Indian Rupees. Pilgrims have the option of booking rooms with or without air conditioning, according to their preferences. The prices of the accommodations in the Srisailam Temple vary depending on the option that is selected.

Room Booking at Srisailam Temple Available Online, Contact Number, and Login. Before making a hotel reservation, pilgrims are required to first register on the official website of the Srisailam Temple. The visitors to the Srisailam Temple may then make their lodging reservations by logging onto the website for the temple.

Srisailam Devasthanam Rooms Booking Online Contact Number

The Srisailam Temple accommodations Number can be reached by calling +91-8333901351 /2 /3/4/5/6, and pilgrims may use this number to rent accommodations at the temple. Room Reservations Available at the Government Guest House Srisailam Temple

The colder months of the year are perfect for a trip to the Srisailam Temple. During these months, the temperature is pleasant from 14 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. These are the months in which your trip to Srisailam Temple will be most enjoyable.

Additional Information about Srisailam Stay Prices for Rooms Start at Rs. 899 and Go Up From There Properties Available Include Hotel, Dharamshala, Math, Bhavan, and Dormitory. Srisailam Hotel More than 12 of the Best Tourist Attractions in Srisailam Nearby Temples include the Pathala Ganga and the Octopus Viewpoint.Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple and Sakshi Ganapathi Temple

The Mallikarjuna Swamy temple in Srisailam, which can be seen atop the Nallamala hills, is the reason for the city’s notoriety. It is a prayer to Lord Shiva, the destroyer deity, who inspired its creation. The Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple is considered to be one of the twelve jyotirlinga temples that are found around the world.

Which Hotels, Guest Houses, And Dharamshalas In Srisailam Are Located In Close Proximity To The Temple?

The Srisailam Visakha Sri Sarda Peetham, the Gowri Gavar Nithyannadhana Satram, and the Devathilukula Annadana Choultry are some of the numerous alternatives that are accessible to you if you want to visit the Srisailam temple. Other possibilities include the Srisailam Annadana Choultry.

  • Kumara Sadan Srisailam Temple Room Booking
  • Pathaleswara Sadan Srisailam Temple Room Booking
  • Srisailam Haritha Hotel Srisailam Temple Room Booking Room Reservations at the Reddy Satram Srisailam Temple
  • Yadava Satram Srisailam Temple Room Booking
  • Brahmana Satram Srisailam Temple Room Booking
  • Karivena Satram Srisailam Temple Room Booking

Cell phones are permitted within the Srisailam temple because cell phones are prohibited from being brought within the temple, there is a location where visitors may leave them. Following your darshan, you will be able to purchase Prasad from a separate counter.

The Darshan needs a certain kind of attire Yes, devout individuals who want to go to the temple for Darshan are required to dress in the appropriate traditional garb.

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Some Fascinating Information Regarding The Srisailam Temple

  • The Mallikarjuna Temple is one of just three temples in India that are devoted to both Jyotirlinga and Shakti Peeth. This distinction places the Mallikarjuna Temple in a very exclusive group.
  • The Shakti Peeths are the locations where various portions of the Goddess Sati, who was Shiva’s first spouse and sacrificed herself, fell to the ground after being carried by Lord Shiva following her death. It is believed that her top lip broke off at the Mallikarjuna shrine when she was there.
  • A significant number of wise men and women may be seen gathering in front of the temple early on each day. At this location, random followers donate money to pay for the religious men’s breakfast and tea.
  • At the Mallikarjuna temple, in contrast to the majority of other temples, worshippers are permitted to touch the Sivalinga when they pour milk over it.
  • There is a common belief that Srisailam Hill is the “Kailash of the South.” According to ancient writings, Mount Kailash serves as the residence of Shiva and Parvati.

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