Srisailam Dharmastala Rooms Booking Cost Contact Details

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There are several places for pilgrims to stay in Srisailam known as Dharamshalas. Many visitors are interested in spending time at these Dharamshalas, known as Satram in the Telugu language. Dharamshalas may be found in close proximity to Srisailam Temple. Dharamshala means “rest home at a holy spot” in Hinduism. Those in need may find temporary housing in close proximity to temples, the bus terminal, and the train station. Several Dharamshalas are available in Srisailam for the benefit of pilgrims who come to worship at the city’s temple.

Srisailam Dharmastala Rooms Booking Cost Contact Details

  • Room reservation at Srisailam Dharamshala from 8:00 AM to 8:00 AM.
  • A security deposit equal to one day’s rent is due upon check-in.
  • The security deposit will be returned after you check out. Twenty percent of the rooms are accessible for online booking.
  • The hotel does not provide refunds or cancellations for room reservations.
  • Non-married couples will not be given a room.
  • Any request for a Devasthanam accommodation reservation will be declined.
  • No lodging reservations will be accepted from unrelated couples.
  • During the days of Karthika Masam, Sankranthi, Ugadi, Maha Sivaratri, and the Yearly Brahmotsavam, online booking will be unavailable.
  • Booking a room requires a valid photo ID.

Srisailam Dharmastala Rooms Booking Cost Contact Details

When Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva where else in the universe he had created he would most like to be, he said holy Srisailam, which is snuggled among picturesque beauty and is the incarnation of the Sri Chakra. Sri Mallikarjuna Swami and Bhramaramba, manifestations of Shiva and Shakti, appear at this holy site to bestow their blessings on the faithful. The Mallikarjuna Swamy Lingam is the second most important of the twelve Jyotirlingas, and the Sri Bhramaramba Devi shrine is the sixth most important of the eighteen Maha Shakti Peethas.

It is a testament to Srisailam’s prominence that it is the only temple in which two such icons are housed within the same building. Many other names have been used to refer to Srisailam over the years. Srisailam has been frequented by many great figures throughout history, including Narasimhaswamy in the Satyayugam, Sri Rama and Sita Devi in the Tretayugam, and the five Pandavas in the Yug.

Rooms And Cost At Dharmastala

  1. Mallikarjuna Sadan Air Conditioning (999 Rupees), Suite Room (1700 Rupees), and Dormitory (200 Rupees) are the room types and room tariffs available at this cottage.
  2. A dormitory with 20 beds costs Rs. 2000 at Ganga Sadan (Non-Ac: Rs.2000; Air Conditioning: Rs .700).
    Gouri Sadan: Non-Ac Rooms at Rs. 400; Air-Conditioned Rooms at Rs.35; Dormitory of 20 Beds
  3. Price Breakdown: Chandeeswara Sadan Non-Ac 17 Rs .250 / Ac 8 Rs. 600
  4. Affordable Accommodations in Pathaleeswara Sadan for Just Rs.999
  5. Air Conditioning at the Pothireddy Bungalow – Rs.1350
  6. Rate: Rs.3550/night for the air-conditioned Sri Nilayam Cottage in Siva Sadan, which is located at 51.
  7. AC in Sahiti Cottage: Rs. 3550 AC in Swarnasailam Cottage: Rs. 2400
  8. Rates at Navyatha Nilayam AC start at Rs.3000
  9. Rates for the Seetha Nilayam AC starts at Rs. 3,550.
  10. Accommodation in Lakshmi Nilayam AC: Rs .3,550
    5,700 for a Vishnu Vallabha Ac system.
  11. Yelishala Bhavan Air Conditioning: Rs. 4,700
    AC in KCP Cottage – Rs. 4,700.

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