Srivani Break Darshan Quota Tickets Reduced 1000 Per Day Booking

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Lord Vishnu is honored in the “Tirumala Venkateswara temple,” which is located in India. This temple may be found on the seventh peak of one of the hills that make up Tirumala, which is also the name of the hill on which it is located. Many worshippers pay a visit to this location on a yearly basis in order to pay homage to Lord Tirupati.

The act of donating money is the single most significant aspect of their trip. Because donating to Tirupati Dham is considered to have its own significance, over 30–40 million devotees make the journey here each year to provide monetary offerings at this temple. According to the legends of the Hindu religion, Tirupati is an avatar of the god Vishnu. After a battle, the goddess Laxmi decided to leave Vishnu and reside on earth.

Srivani Break Darshan Quota Tickets Reduced 1000 Per Day

Offline and online ticket quotas for the SRIVANI Break Darshan have been reduced. The daily allotment of tickets has been cut down to a maximum of 1000. The daily limit for SRIVANI tickets was lowered by TTD to 1,000 per day. The TTD has restricted the total number of SRIVANI tickets available for purchase each day to only 1,000 in order to give precedence to the darshan of regular people.

Latest Information Regarding The SRIVANI Break Darshan Ticket Quota

There will be a total of 1,000 tickets available, 750 of which will be sold online, and the remaining 250 will be sold at the booking counter that is currently located at the airport. Already, TTD has made 500 tickets available for purchase on the website, and on January 11, they will make the remaining 250 seats available.

The TTD has discontinued the SRIVANI ticket-issuing services that were formerly offered at the Madhavam Rest House. After this point, the offline tickets will only be granted to SRIVANI donors at the Tirupati Airport Counter, and they will need to present their boarding passes in order to get them.

The boarding permit must be attached to the Break darshan ticket, and the donors of SRIVANI must do so. In addition to that, you need to input the PNR number together with the airline reference on the ticket. The employees at VQC-I would check the break darshan ticket in addition to the Boarding Pass before allowing the authentic pilgrim to have darshan of Sri Venkateswara on their own.

Srivani Break Darshan Quota Tickets Reduced 1000 Per Day Details

In the Tirumala temple, the Tiruppavada Arjita Seva will pick back up where it left off on January 12 and continue from there. The pilgrims are required to register at the CRO desk at Tirumala, and 25 tickets will be distributed electronically through a draw on January 11 at 5 o’clock in the evening.

Story Of Lord Venkateswara And Godess Padmavati

During the course of his quest, Lord Vishnu was fortunate enough to cross paths with Padmavathi, who happened to be the daughter of the King of Seven Hills of Tirumala. They eventually made the decision to tie the knot after falling in love. The avatar of the goddess Laxmai known as Padmavati was the recipient of a marriage proposal from Lord Vishnu, which was sent to Padmavati’s father. Padmavathi’s father, the King, demanded a substantial dowry in exchange for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Venkateswara made the decision to borrow that amount of money from Lord Kubera, who is traditionally regarded as a treasury, in order to pay for his wedding. Kubera was able to assist him by offering that quantity of money with a duration that said, “the loan was intended to be one thousand years (One Yuga)”. The amount of money that Lord Vishnu took out of the bank was equal to 1.4 million Ramamudra coins. It is said that Lord Vishnu, with the assistance of his followers, is obligated to repay the money he borrowed up to the end of this Yuga, in accordance with the terms of the loan arrangement. This is the reason why there are so many devotees who pay enormous sums of money to the Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam each year. All of the temples at Tirupati are designed in the Dravidian architectural style, and it is thought that the construction of these temples took place over a period of time beginning about 300 AD. The first temple in Tirupati was established there in the eighth century by King Thondaiman.

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