Srivani Tickets Airport Booking Break Darshan Tirumala Tirupati

Know the details about the Srivani Tickets Airport Booking Break Darshan Tirumala Tirupati, Srivani Tickets Airport Booking Break Darshan Tirumala Tirupati

How does Srivani Trust work?

In accordance with this plan, the TTD Board has chosen to offer Srivari VIP Break darshan to every devotee who can make a donation of 10,000 rupees per person. The primary benefit of this plan is that it will increase donations by allowing regular devotees to view Lord Venkateswara Dhruvaberam from a location close to Kulasekhara Padi.

TTD has decided to distribute SRIVANI tickets in the Madhavam Rest House in Tirupati along with lodging, subject to the availability of rooms in the rest house. Additionally, the administration believed it would be advantageous for visitors arriving in Tirupati via various flights.

At the Tirupati Airport, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has set up a special kiosk to sell SRIVANI (Sri Venkateswara Alaya Nirmanam) trust-donation-linked VIP break darshan tickets to pilgrims.

Srivani Tickets Airport Booking Break Darshan Tirumala Tirupati

  1. Veerabrahmam officially opened the SRIVANI ticketing counter that had been put up at the airport for the benefit of travellers.

TTD Online Donation Information for VIP Break Darshan at Tirumala

After the regular Darshan options, such as Sarva Darshanam and Divya Darshanam, have concluded, the VIP break Darshan is often authorised.The VIP break Darshan is the Tirumala’s fastest Darshan option, however it can still take up to an hour or longer during peak tourist season. Additionally, TTD typically cancels the break Darshan during peak tourist season in order to accommodate more pilgrims for Darshan.

VIP Break Darshan Hours:

  1. Everyday at 5:30 (Saturday and Sundays will be usually more crowded and only people with high recommendation letter will be considered).
  2. 10,000 (gift) plus (Darshan Ticket cost)
  3. Aarti, Thirtham, and Jadari are permitted by devotees during the VIP Breakdarshan.

Advantages of the VIP Break Darshan:

  • The time allocated for this type of darshan is an hour.
  • In 10 to 15 minutes, a pilgrim can complete his darshan.
  • A devotee can travel quite close to Lord Venkateswara Swamy’s Moola Virat and spend some time there.
  • There won’t be any pushing or tugging, and the line will be free.

 Tickets for Darshan at SRIVANI Trust VIP

  1. At the counter in Tirumala, tickets for SRIVANI Break Darshan can be purchased upon arrival.
  2. The JEO Camp office Tickets counter is open from 7 am to 4 pm, and devotees can order tickets there in person. Daily.
  3. The follower is required to enter their name, age, and photo ID proof number.
  4. For the ticket purchase, photocopies of the ID are not necessary.
  5. Cash or a card can be used to pay the ticket amount for card transactions; the SRIVANI The amount of the Darshan ticket will be scanned in one POS terminal and the Trust gift in the other.
  6. For a group of three people, Rs. 30.000 and Rs. 1500 would be swiped in separate machines.
  7. A day in advance, around 1000 tickets may be ordered at the counter.
  8. On special days, the ticket quota ceiling could be raised.
  9. At the counter, anyone may reserve SRIVANI tickets on your behalf.
  10. The allegedly closes at 11:00 p.m. approximate timings

How can I reserve a Tirumala Breakdarshan online?

Cost of VIP Break Darshan at Tirumala Tirupati: 500 rupees per person. VIP Break Darshan Hours: 8 am Everyday, Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun. High recommendation letters might be taken into account because Saturday and Sunday would be very crowded.

SRIVANI Trust Beginning Break Darshan Room Reservation

  1. Donors of the SRIVANI Trust are eligible to reserve a room at the Sri Padmavathi Guesthouse. 
  2. The space will be available at Counters 1 and 2 of SPGH.
  3. Payment for the room can be made at SPGH Counters 3 and 4.
  4. Here, only credit card payments are accepted. It is forbidden to make cash transactions here.
  5. When making a reservation, a one-day room rental and caution deposit are required.
  6. The appropriate Sub-Enquiry office will distribute room keys, and the caution deposit will be reimbursed electronically (if eligible)


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