Sudarsana Homam Online Booking Procedure Benefits Cost

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  • The Hindu practice of Sudarshana Homam is a fire ceremony.
  • Those who take part in the Sudarshana Homam are afforded protection from the evil eye, a means of vanquishing their foes, and a means of destroying negativity.
  • Purification and revitalized vitality and health are gifts from the homam. Success is encouraged, and one’s life is thoroughly cleansed.
  • The Sudharshana Chakra, one of the principal mental weapons of Lord Vishnu, the preserver, and sustainer of the Universe, is the genesis of Sudarshana Homam. 
  • Lord Vishnu is traditionally shown with the powerful Sudharshana Chakra, a wheel-like object, in one of his hands. 

Sudarsana Homam Online Booking Procedure Benefits Cost

  • This is his weapon, and he hurls it gleefully at the evil-doers so that it spins and slashes them mercilessly.
  • The Hindu scriptures state that the Sun God Surya fashioned the Sudharshana Chakra from his leftover shavings. 
  • Saint Vishwakarma fashioned the Sudharshana Chakra and a few other great golden things from the Surya Deva.
  • Followers also think the blade was 108 serrated edges deep.
  • The Sudharshana Chakra was a powerful weapon equal to a thousand suns.

Sudarshana Homam is recommended for those who:

  • desires protection against bad influences
  • requires respite from severe difficulties brought on by formidable adversaries
  • needs shielding against disruptive influences at all times, whether awake, asleep, or dreaming.
  • wants to amass a fortune
  • desires a decisive triumph or really positive outcomes
  • hopes that health problems would go away
  • want to engage in more profound cleansing experiences
  • wishes to serve the community and its members
  • Gains from a Sudarshana Homam.

The following are some of the advantages of taking part in Sudarshana Homam:

  • Gaining success with the Sudarshana Homam.
  • It aids in recovery and revitalizes physical well-being.
  • In addition, it aids in cleansing the body of negative and poisonous energy.
  • Sudarshana Homam aids in the fulfillment of one’s heartfelt wishes.
  • It also gives massive success and triumphant manifestations.

Sudarsana Homam Online Booking Procedure Benefits Cost

When is the best time to do the Sudarshana Homam?

  • On Ekadashi, Dwadashi, and Poornima, the homam may also be performed. 
  • The Sudarshana Homa is most effective when performed on a Wednesday or Saturday, or during Buddha Horas.

How exactly do you carry out the Sudarshana Homam?

  • If you’re having difficulties with opponents, the evil eye, black magic, or just plain old dread, the Sudarshana Homam is your finest line of defense.
  • It’s useful in cases of physical illness and spiritual oppression.

Instructions for the Sudarshana Homam are as follows:

  • Reading the Sudarsana Manthra Japam ushers in the Homam proper.
  • The Sudarsanaya Nama is spoken at the beginning of the Sudarshana Ashtottharam, while the Naarayaanakrupavyuha Tejaschakraya Nama is said at the end.
  •  Following this, you will be required to take the Sri Sudarsana Homa Maha Sankalpa, during which you will pray to the gods for their favor.
  •  The priest then performs the Shodasopachara Aaradhanam, in which he calls upon all the gods, including Lord Kumbam, Lord Varuna, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Narayana, and Lord Sudarsana.
  •  This is then followed by Agni Prathishtai.
  •  The homam then begins with 108 repetitions of the Sri Sudarsana Shadakshari, accompanied by Houthi.
  •  Following the Aahutis, the Homam culminates with the Poornahuthi.

How many of each item must be purchased for the Sudarshana Homam?

  • The Sudarshana Mantra Japa and Sudarshana Yantra are essential components of the Homam. 
  • In addition to the fervent chanting of mantras, the Homam calls for the offering of Homa samagri into the sacrificial fire, which consists of melted butter, herbs, and sticks of particular plants.
  • Lord Sudarshan also accepts the Naivedhyam Prasad, as well as fruits, flowers, incense sticks, and other edible gifts. 
  • Lord Vishnu, Sudarshan’s rightful lord, must have his pooja, or worship, conducted using Tulsi leaves.

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