Thalikettu Timings Guruvayur Temple Online Booking Ticket

Know the details about the Thalikettu Timings Guruvayur Temple Online Booking Ticket, Thalikettu Timings Guruvayur Temple Online Booking Ticket

Thalikettu Timings Guruvayur Temple:

The Thalikettu ceremony, in which the groom places a wedding string, known as the Thali, around the bride’s neck, is considered to be the most significant part of a traditional Hindu wedding. The thali is a symbol of the everlasting happiness that can be found in a marriage.

The groom receives the Thali from the bride’s father while he and the bride are waiting on the Kathir Mandapam, the specially created stage where the marriage takes place. While auspicious musical notes are played in the background, the bridegroom places the rosary around the bride’s neck and binds it with a bow.

Thalikettu Timings Guruvayur Temple Online Booking Ticket

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Following this, the couple trades garlands and rings with one another. The bride’s father presents the groom with a bridal dress known as a manthrakoti, which the groom then gives to the bride. In addition to that, he uses vermilion to highlight the part in her hair. The father of the bride then walks up behind them, places some betel leaves on the right hand of the groom, and guides the bride’s hand so that it rests on those leaves. This practise is known as Panigrahanam in its native India.

It is possible to trace the beginnings of Hindu wedding rituals in India all the way back to the Vedic period. Additionally, most of the ceremonial and ritualistic aspects of the Vedic past have been assimilated by the culture of Kerala. On the other hand, the ceremonies in this state are more straightforward when contrasted with those in other regions of India.

Thalikettu Timings: 6:00 am – 1:00 pm

Marriage Enrolment fees: Rs.500 each couple.

The number of Dias that can be used for Thalikettu is 2.

Location of Dias: Close to the Darshan Line

In the Dias, only couples are permitted to participate in the ceremonies surrounding marriage.

Thalikettu Duration: 5 – 10 minutes. 

Photography and video recording are permitted with the payment of additional fees.

  • The fee for photography is 500 rupees.
  • The cost of videography is 500 rupees.
  • Nadaswaram Charges: Rs.500
  • 1 Purohit: Rs.500

Thalikettu Guruvayur Temple Online Booking:

  • The submission of photocopies of picture identification and advance reservations are both needed.
  • Only pre-arranged marriages according to Hindu traditions are permitted.
  • The presence of both sets of parents is necessary for the wedding.
  • The Devaswom does not function as a place for the registration of marriages.
  • Both pre-marriage and post-marriage rites are to be carried out outside of the temple.
  • The Guruvayur Temple Darshan is not a required step in the process of getting married.

Where can I get the reservation information for the Thalikettu at the Guruvayur Temple?

  • A copy of the high school diploma or equivalent for both the bride and groom, along with an attestation as proof of age
  • The Aadhar card, passport, voter ID card, or any other form of government-issued identification of both the bride and groom as proof of domicile.
  • The identification documents that were granted by the government to the parents of the bride and groom were photocopied.
  • A Hindu arranged marriage is the only kind that can take place inside of the temple.

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