Thirukadaiyur Bheema Ratha Pooja Shanthi Cost Time

Know the details about Thirukadaiyur Bheema Ratha Pooja Shanthi Cost Time, Know the details about Thirukadaiyur Bheema Ratha Pooja Shanthi

The Bhima Ratha Shanthi Poojas are a set of rituals that are performed for married couples to mark the beginning of the 70th year of the life of the man in the relationship. During this rite, the priest will perform the Ayul shanthi homam because the ceremony increases the life expectancy of the couple and bestows upon them the ability to remain healthy and strong throughout their lives.

Bhima Ratha Shanthi, also known as the 70th Birthday Pooja, is a ceremony that is performed by the family members of the couple when the male enters his 70th year. They celebrate the occasion by gathering together and performing the Ayul Shanthi homams, Kalasa abhishekam, and then exchanging garlands with the couple so that they may receive the blessings of the Lord.

Thirukadaiyur Bheema Ratha Pooja Shanthi Cost Time

  • This is the ideal Pariharam (remedy) for any kind of health problem or illness, and it rewards the pair with great vigour and a long life.
  • During this ceremony, all manner of sins and other forms of negative karma are washed away, and the Lord bestows upon them his blessings for a long and happy life together.
  • It is a symbol of the prosperous married life that a husband has had with his wife during their whole relationship. Young people today can look up to them as examples of how to live a fulfilled life and serve as role models for doing so.
  • Make your reservations now for the Vadhyar to celebrate Bhima Ratha Shanthi’s 70th birthday pooja.
  • Vadhyar is responsible for transporting all of the items needed for the puja. Every single Vadhyar has a significant amount of experience and has attended a Vedic Pathshala to further their education.

Thirukadaiyur Bheema Ratha Pooja Shanthi Cost Time, Procedure

Procedure of the Thirukadaiyur Shastipoorthi Pooja, the Advantages It Offers, and the Cost of the Associated Package

The Pooja would take between four and five hours to perform on Day 1.

On Day 2, the duration of the Pooja is between five and six hours.

The following is the recommended attire for your event:
Male: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta, Pyjama.
Dress options for women include the saree and blouse, the Punjabi dress with the dupatta, the Chudidhar with the dupatta, and the half saree.

Items necessary for the Shastiapthapoorthi Pooja that must be contributed by a devotee
One new set of Kumkum Dhothi and Saree is included in Thirumaangalyam (Mangalasura)
Paruppu Thengai – 1 set Garlands – 2 Nos.
Matru Malai – 2 Nos. Uthiri Pushpam
7 Numbers of Coconuts with a Yellow Coating on Each Fruit (Banana, Apple, Orange, Pomegranate, Sweet Lime etc)
Betel Leaves, Betel Nut Paste, and Seeval Sandal Paste, accompanied by Bowl Chocolates
Donations of brand new clothing (9 x 5 dhotis and 9 x 5 sarees)
Silk Mat Jamukkalam (to sit) Thambalam

The timing of the Rahu Kalam dictates how the one-day Pooja should be performed. Pooja begins at six in the morning and continues till eight thirty in the morning. On Monday, Rahu Kalam timings are 7:30 am – 9:00 am and Pooja Starts resumes after Rahu Kalam. Pooja for two days: the Homam is carried out around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and it lasts for two hours. Pooja will continue as usual in the morning of the following day, however the exact hour of it will depend on the Rahu Kalam.

It is done as a Pariharam, which means a remedy, for any kind of ailment or health problem, and it is also done to bless the pair with tremendous power and a long life.
During this ritual, all forms of negative karma are removed, and the Lord grants you both a long and happy life together as a blessing.
We are able to assist you with the online booking of a Pandit or Iyer for the Bhima Ratha Shanthi ceremony. The Purohit is responsible for bringing all of the Pooja Samagri. All of the pandits have significant amounts of experience and are graduates of the Vedic Pathshala.

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