Thirukadaiyur Shastiapthapoorthi Online Booking Cost

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The majority of religious buildings are referred to as either the Lord or his wife. For instance, Madurai brings to mind Goddess Meenakshi, whereas Chidambaram and Kancheepuram are associated with Lord Natarajar and Goddess Kamakshi Amman, respectively. Other cities have similar associations. At spite of this, there are well-known temples dedicated to the Lord and his bride, one of which is located in Thirukkadaiyur. The stories of Markandeyar and Abirami Battar are connected to the Abirami Samedha Amirthakadeshwarar temple at Thirukadaiyur.

It is a massive temple that spans an area of 11 acres and is comprised of 5 Prakarams, many towers that provide a strong first impression, and elaborate Mandapams. It is possible to assume, on the basis of the inscriptions that can be seen here, that the stone foundation of the central shrine existed even during the reign of Raja Raja Cholan (early 11th century). The brick walls of the temple were changed to stone walls and a mandapam was constructed in front of it during the reign of Kulottunga Chola I (1075–1120). The tales that are connected to the temple are depicted in mortar pictures that can be seen all across the Rajagopuram.

Thirukadaiyur Shastiapthapoorthi Online Booking Cost

It was foretold that Markandeya, son of the wise Mrikandu Magarishi, would spend the first 16 years of his life by himself. Markandeya performed the ritual of worshipping Lord Amirthakadeshwarar at Thirukadaiyur by taking water from the Ganges via an underpass that led to the temple. This was the advice that Markandeya received from his father. This route may be used, however the exit is now blocked off. On that day, Yama (Yaksha) arrived with his rope, Kaala Paasa. Markandeya attempted to find safety in the Lord and ended up embracing the Shiva Lingam. Since Markandeya was under Yama’s protection, the Lord advised him not to hurt him. In spite of Markandeya and Lingam’s protests, Yama broke the connection that bound them together. The Lord was infuriated by this foolish deed, so he kicked him in the left leg with his left leg and held him beneath his left foot, which rendered him unable to move.

Pooja List

DayPooja List
Day 1Shobana Nandi
Vigneswara Pooja
Maha Sankalpam
Acharya Varnam
Punyaha Vajanam
11 Kalasa Prathista and Pooja
Devatha Avahanam
Mahanyasa Japam
Athmartha Siva Linga Abhishekam
Ashtanga Namaskaram
Agni Karyam
Rudra Homam
Mantra Pushpa
Teertha Abhishekam
Day 2
Gaja Pooja
Go Pooja  (Cow)
Maha Sankalpam
Vigneswara Pooja
Acharya Varnam
Punyaha Vajanam
16 Kalasa Prathista and Pooja
Devatha Avahanam
Mahanyasa Japam
Agni Karyam
Ganapathi Homam
Navagraha Homam
Homam of the Life
Dhanvanthri Oushatha Homam
Durga Homam
Sudarshana Homam
Asta Lakshmi Homam
Maha Vishnu Homam
Sashtiapthapoorthi / Bheemaratha / Sadhabishega Homam
Homam for the Stars family
Mantra Pushpam
Teertham Abhishekam
Swami Darshan
Archana Vazhipadu

Thirukadaiyur Shastiapthapoorthi Pooja Items

  1. Muhurtham Pancha and Saree
  2. Mangalsutra
  3. Garlands – 2
  4. Flowers
  5. Turmeric applied Coconuts – 7
  6. Sandal paste and bowl
  7. Sugar, Sugar Candy, Chocolates
  8. Betel Leaves and Nuts
  9. Fruits
  10. Plates
  11. Pancha, Blanket and Kasti Theertha
  12. 1 Pancha, Towel and Saree for the offering.
  13. Photographer
  14. Videographer
  15. Bags for Thambulam
  16. Blankets for seating.

Pooja Cost

DetailsPooja Cost
64 Kalasa Prathishta, Swamy Kalyanotsavam, Nadaswaram, Yaga Pooja, Pooja HomamRs.57000
32 Kalasa Prathishta, Sri Chakra Yantra Deepa Pooja – 20 lamps, Ganga Pooja, Nadaswaram,Rs.32500
16 Kalasa Prathishta, Ganga Pooja, Nadaswaram, Yaga PoojaRs.22000
16 Kalasa Prathishta, Ganga Pooja, Yaga PoojaRs.17000

Pooja Benefits

  • To remove malefic effects from Ugra Ratha results in Sudden death, Financial loss,
  • Will be blessed with a happy life and strengthens bonding.
  • Improves Mangalsutra power.
  • Good Health, mental peace and Family Growth.

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