Thirukkadaiyur Ugra Ratha Shanthi Process Benefits Contact

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About 300 kilometres south of Chennai and 15 kilometres north of Karaikal lies the hamlet of Thirukkadaiyur, located on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. Markandeya and Abirami Pattar stories are intertwined with the village’s past. The replica Amritaghateswarar – Abirami Temple of Tirukkadaiyur serves as the focal point of the town. The original structure of the temple, Thirumeignanam Gnanaparameswarar Temple[1] or simply Thirumeignanam, was constructed in the 11th century but has since been destroyed by the sea. Thirukkadaiyur is a place of devotion and prayer for those who want to live a long and healthy life.

As of the present day, the hamlet is a part of Nagapattinam district and is run by a village panchayat. A total of 6,244 people called the town home as of the 2021 census. The hamlet is on the Chidambaram to Nagapattinam highway, therefore it is accessible via bus. The Tamil Nadu Maritime Board oversees a minor port on the coast.

Thirukkadaiyur Ugra Ratha Shanthi Process Benefits Contact

Traditionally, a man’s 60th birthday is celebrated with the Ugra Ratha Shanthi homam, which is held on the night of his 59th birthday. Shashti poorti, also known as the homam performed the year before one’s SashtiAptha Poorthi (60th birthday), is the most important homam one may do. Most people agree that reaching the age of 60 is a dangerous time for humans. Getting above the 60-year mark is risky because of the increased likelihood of health problems. It has been customary to do this Ugra Ratha Shanthi homam in advance, in hopes of laying the groundwork for a trouble-free transition into the decade of the 1960s. The pair will be healthier and stronger mentally and physically as a result. After celebrating your 59th birthday, you may perform the Ugraratha Shanti Homam to placate the gods and prevent any unfavourable outcomes. Ugra-Ratha Shanti alludes to the unyielding nature of time that everyone can see coming, and the ceremony’s goal is to provide the couple with good health, physical prowess, and mental acuity so that they may enjoy each other’s company and that of their loved ones for as long as possible. In this ritual, there are three distinct procedures: 1.aunakoktam 2.Bodhāyanoktam 3.Shaivāgamoktam. Ideally, this event should take place in the same year, month, and day of the birth as recorded in the Indian calendar. Common locations for this include a pilgrim’s home town, a temple, the bank of a river, or the home of a wealthy individual.

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Thirukkadaiyur Ugra Ratha Shanthi Process Benefits Contact

  • Poojas should ideally last between four and five hours.
  • Clothes required: As a courtesy, please wear dressing in.
  •  Males is as follows: white pancha, dhoti/kurta, and pyjamas.
  • Females is as follows: Sarees and blouses.
  • During the Pooja, on the Temple Grounds.
  • Contact information: 094439 95353
  • TempleTimings opening Morning 06.00am to Closing Afternoon 01.00pm.
  • Evening 04.00pm to Closing 8.30pm.
  • Cost: 5,000 Rs-10,000 Rs.

Benefits of Thirukkadaiyur Ugra Ratha Shanthi Process Benefits Contact

  •  protection from harm, appeasement of Kula-Devatha and other deities, appeasement of the planets, healing from physical diseases, mental and physical happiness, tranquilly, appeasement of Kula-Devatha and other deities, and the fulfilment of your and your family’s deepest aspirations.
  • There is a widespread belief that if a householder successfully completes the Shanti course, he will be freed from his social, secular, and spiritual responsibilities and granted a long and healthy life.
  • An important part of Indian Vedic culture and tradition is encapsulated in the great and auspicious Shanti features that flow through the “Shastiprti” ceremonies.

Process of Thirukkadaiyur Ugra Ratha Shanthi Process Benefits Contact

One should do the Ugra-Ratha Shanti Homam at the conclusion of their 59th year to mark the beginning of their 60th. In addition to the Ugra Ratha Shanthi homam, we also do the Ganapati homam, the Ayush homam, and the Navagraha homam. Holy water is poured over the person or couple as a symbol of the completion of the Vedic cycle and the release of any remaining karmic or planetary energy. The couple asks those who have already performed the Shashtiabda Poorti to bless them, and the elders in turn bestow their blessings on the couple’s offspring. This rite of devotion is known as Partpara Pj and is dedicated to the gods Ganapati, Durga, and Vishnu. Kalasas are used to summon the gods of the oceans and rivers as well as the Directional Gods (Dikplakas) and the Navagrahas. Every year (60), every season (six), every month (12), every fortnight (ukla and ka), every tithi (15), every day of the week (7), every star (27), every yoga, every karaa, and every ri are all ruled by different gods who deserve our respect and adoration. Following the homam, acharyas and ritviks provide Abhisheka to the homeowner using the holy water. And then the homeowner takes part in the almsgiving. In appreciation for their hard work, the Acharyas and ritviks who led the Shanti Yagna should be presented with Daa Dns. Annadna is the greatest of these presents. Successfully Provided Food for Humans.

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