Thirunageswaram Raghu Temple Tamil Nadu Timings Darshan

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Praying to Rahu Bhagavan at this Rahu Stalam helps to rid a person of these Doshams and also protects the person from all forms of life that are poisonous. Therefore, devotees who are severely impacted by Rahu may be seen rushing to the Sri Naganathaswamy Temple to offer prayers and seek the blessings of Rahu Bhagavan. They do this in the hopes of receiving relief from Rahu’s negative effects.

Performing Milk Abhishekam for Rahu Bhagavan during Rahu Kalam, particularly on Sundays at Sri Naganathaswamy Temple, is said by astrologers to be able to nullify the negative effects of Rahu, such as obstacles to marriage, a troubled married life, a lack of progeny, Puthira Dosham, Kaalasarpa Dosham, Kalathra Dosham, and Sarpa Dosham

Thirunageswaram Raghu Temple Tamil Nadu Timings Darshan

Raghu Pooja is performed at the well-known Thirunageswaram Raghu Temple, which is located 7 kilometers away from Kumbakonam. Raghu can be seen in this temple in the human form alongside His consorts Nagavalli and Nagakanni. This is in contrast to other temples, in which Raghu is depicted as having a human face but the body of a serpent.

Legends from the Thirunageswaram Raghu Temple tell that Raghu once bit Sukarma, the son of Rishi Suseelar, while he was playing. Upon learning this, Rishi Suseelar placed a curse on Raghu that caused him to lose his powers. On the day of Sivaratri, Raghu performed puja to the Siva idols at three different locations and three different times, as Rishi Kasyapa had instructed him to do.

It is said that Nandi was only able to achieve the position of Adhikara Nandeswara after performing penance in this specific location. Sage Bringi, an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, performed Pradaskhinam to Lord Siva alone while he was in the form of a beetle and ignored Umadevi. Lord Siva, after learning the reason from Bringi’s Pradakshinam, placed a curse on Bringi that caused him to lose flesh from his body.

Thirunageswaram Raghu Temple Tamil Nadu History Timings Details

Without any energy, Sage was unable to maintain her balance and fell to the ground. As a result of Umadevi’s behavior, Siva was enraged, and he asked her to perform penance at Senbaranya. (Senbaranya was found in the company of Senbaga Trees, which are also referred to as Champak flower trees.) She was accompanied by the goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswathi while she was performing the penance.

After completing the arduous penance with fire surrounding her on all sides, the Goddess Umadevi met with Lord Siva atop Mount Kailas. It is said that Lord Brahma performed Brahmotsavam to the Siva during Karthika Masam and took a holy dip in the Pushkarni (temple tank) on the last Sunday of Karthika Masam in order to cleanse himself of his sins. This event took place during Karthika Masam.

The History of the Thirunageswaram Raghu Temple

Based on the inscriptions, it is known that the temple was constructed by Chola Kings somewhere between the 4th and 9th centuries A.D. It is generally agreed upon that the building of the temple was finished sometime during the reign of Parantaka I of the Chola Dynasty, which occurred between the years 907 and 940 A.D. There are four gopurams atop this temple (temple towers). In the 12th century, a large and spacious dance hall was constructed.

Interesting Facts About Thirunageswaram Raghu Temple

The rays of the sun contact Naganantha Swamy within the sanctuary of the Sanctorium on the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth days of the month of Chithirai, which corresponds to the months of April and May on the Tamil calendar. Two holy temple tanks, known as Surya Theertham and Naga Theertham, can be seen in close proximity to the Temple. Sages are reported to have petitioned Lord Siva to establish the Surya Theertham in response to their plea.

Timings of Worship at the Thirunageswaram Temple

  • 6 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. are the morning hours.
  • Evening Hours are from 5:00 pm until 8:30 pm.

Where can one find directions to the Thirunageswaram Raghu Temple?

  • By Bus, There is a direct bus that runs from Kumbakonam to Karaikal, and the distance between the two cities is only 7 kilometers.
  • By Train, Traveling by Train Although Thirunageswaram does have a train station, the only people who will stop here are passengers. Passenger Trains are Tambaram – Kumbakonam and Kumbakonam – Mayiladuthurai.
    The Kumbakonam Railway Station is one of the most well-connected stations in all of South India.
  • By Air, The subsequent most convenient station is located at Tiruvidaimarudur, which is situated 5 kilometers away from Thirunageswaram.
    If you are traveling by plane, the closest domestic airport is located in Tiruchirapalli and is 109 kilometers away.

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