Thiruverkadu Temple Marriage Registration Booking Procedure

Know The Details About Thiruverkadu Temple Marriage Registration Booking Procedure, Timings, Tickets Costs, Accommodation, And More Info

A temple dedicated to Karumariamman Devi may be found in the nearby community of Thiruverkaadu, which is located outside of Chennai. This is the temple where the energy stays unchanging throughout the day.

It has been said that the neighborhood Devi deserves Swayambu rank. Devotees have reported sensing Devi’s pulsing presence all around the temple due to the great concentration of her energy in this particular location.

Thiruverkadu Temple Marriage Registration Booking Procedure

There is one temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, another to the goddess Gowmatha, and still another to the deity Ekambareshwar. The Devi Karumari Amman is only shown by her severed head, which is kept aloft by a snake with five different heads. It seems as if the halo that sits above her enormous head is giving out flames.

There are a lot of myths and stories that are connected to this temple, and we will go through some of them here. After assuming the form of an old lady, the Devi went to the home of the Sun God in order to present him with a look into the future. However, since the Sun God was at a loss for words, the Goddess’ gift was rejected. After then, both his power and the beautiful light that enveloped him began to wane gradually.

After coming to terms with his mistake, he prayed to the goddess, and his power was immediately returned to its previous level. During the ordeal, the Sun God prayed to Devi, requesting her to make Sunday a fortunate day for Amman. Sunday was the day of the prayer. In addition to this, he requested the right to gaze reverently upon her holy picture on two occasions every year.

Thiruverkadu Temple Marriage Registration Booking Procedure

A hole that has been carved into the top of the temple’s ceiling allows sunlight to reach the statue of the Goddess on only two days every year. According to a different urban legend, the villagers used to worship an ant hill that was located here. The goddess made her presence known to those who worshipped her, and she gave them the instruction to build a temple in her honor.

Marriage Registration Procedure:

  • To be legally married, a prospective bride must be at least 18 years old.
  • For the groom, the age must be at least 21 years old.
  • At the very least, one day in advance, reservations need to be made.
  • A copy of each of the bride and groom’s Aadhar cards is required.
  • The bridegroom and bride’s respective parents A duplicate set of the Aadhar card
  • The only purpose of this temple is to host pre-planned wedding ceremonies for Hindu couples.
  • Documents required for enrolment in Sannadhi will be provided by the appropriate authorities at Thirumanglayam Temple.
  • Following the conclusion of the ceremony, the management of the temple will issue a marriage license.
  • It is against the law in this town for minors to marry one another in marriage.
  • The charges of the priest and the goods required for Pooja are additional expenses.
  • It is possible to make preparations for the cuisine, the hall d├ęcor, and the seating arrangements outside of the sanctuary.
  • The Thirumangalyam ritual may be performed on the main deity’s grounds at the temple.
  • At all times throughout their visit, guests to the temple are expected to wear masks.
  • When the reception is ended, those who are religious are free to go for Darshan.
  • You are required to get a letter of authorization from a Revenue officer before you may be married.
  • Holidays are an exception to the rule that Sannadhi Kalyanam rites are prohibited.

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