Tiruchanur Tholappa Gardens Online Booking TTD Guest House

Know the details about the Tiruchanur Tholappa Gardens Online Booking TTD Guest House , Tiruchanur Tholappa Gardens Online Booking

Tiruchanur Tholappa Gardens:

TTD takes care of the Guest House at Tholappa Gardens in Tiruchanur. Near every TTD temple in the world, there will be a guest house run by the TTD. A lot of temples in and around TTD are only taken care of by TTD. Because of this, the TTD will take care of making reservations for both temple seva and rooms. Pilgrims who want to stay will be able to do so in guest houses. The TTD takes care of a guest house in Tiruchanur called the Tholappa Gardens. Many pilgrims spend the night at this Rest House every day.

Tiruchanur Tholappa Gardens Online Booking TTD Guest House 

Click here for Tiruchanur Tholappa Gardens Online Booking TTD Guest House

On the TTD website, pilgrims can make reservations for the Tholappa Gardens. Near the temple in Tiruchanur is where the Tholappa Gardens are. It is close enough to the main temple that you can walk there. Pilgrims can’t just go offline and book this rest house on their own. The only way to book a spot at the Tholappa Gardens is online.

Tiruchanur Tholappa Gardens Guest House Booking:

  • Pilgrims must use the TTD online website to make reservations for the Tholappa Gardens in Tiruchanur town.
  • Pilgrims can only pay for rooms online. There is no way to pay offline. Pilgrims used to make offline reservations for the Tholappa Gardens at the Padmavathi temple.
  • But you can’t book rooms in the temple by phone or mail anymore. So the only way for pilgrims to book rooms is online.
  • Pilgrims have to book their rooms at least 3 months before they plan to arrive. But the number of spots will be made public one month before any date of arrival.
  • The Tholappa Gardens have rooms that range from simple to luxurious. The rooms will have two beds and a bathroom right next to them, so they are good for a family.

Tiruchanur Tholappa Gardens Online Booking Procedure:

  1. Use your login-ID and password to get into the TTD website
  2. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so and then log in.
  3. Menu > Open the tab for accommodations
  4. Read the terms and click “I agree.”
  5. Select Tirupati by clicking on “Select Location.”
  6. Choose the date you need a place to stay.
  7. Choose the type of room you’d like.
  8. Choose a 6-hour window. This is the time range in which you have to check in. After you check in, you will have 24 hours to use the room.
  9. Choose the number of days, the number of people, and the state where you live, then click “Continue.”
  10. Click “booking for myself” or “booking for others,” and then click “continue.”
  11. One Aadhar card and one account can only book one room.
  12. Type in the information about 2 devotees
  13. Enter your email address, phone number, and address, then click continue.
  14. Choose a way to pay and click “Pay now.”
  15. Choose the option to pay with a credit or debit card.
  16. After a successful payment, a PDF ticket for accommodation will be made.
  17. Click “Download” and save the ticket to your computer or phone.


  • One darshan ticket can only be used to book one room. No single person will be given a room.
  • Couples who are not married will not be given a room.
  • The damage deposit will be returned 7–10 days after you leave.

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