Tirumala 2023 Pournami Garuda Seva Dates Darshan Booking

Know the latest details about the Tirumala 2023 Pournami Garuda Seva Dates Darshan Booking, Tirumala 2023 Pournami Garuda Seva Dates

Tirumala 2023 Pournami Garuda Seva:

Garuda is Lord Vishnu’s Vahana. Garuda Seva is an annual event that takes place in Tirumala on the fifth day of the Brahmotsavams festival. Nearly 5 lakh devotees are expected to visit Tirumala on this particular day. As a direct consequence of this, the importance of garuda seva continues to grow in Tirumala. There is a widespread belief among pilgrims that the Tirumala brahmotsavam is the sole place where the Seva can be done. This occurrence only takes place once a year. 

Tirumala 2023 Pournami Garuda Seva Dates Darshan Booking

However, a great number of pilgrims are under the impression that the Garuda Seva can only be conducted on Pournami days in Tirumala. The Garuda Seva method makes it possible to transport the Lord Sri Venkateswara Utsava idol on Lord Garuda through the Thiru Mada Streets during the festival. Due to the fact that this Seva is available to anyone, it is possible for any pilgrim who is in attendance at Tirumala on the same day to take part.

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Pournami Garuda Seva is an event that takes place every month on the evening of the Full Moon Day and is hosted by TTD. The Gallery is the only location where devotees are allowed to watch the procession from. There is no charge for entry for any of the devotees.

The annual Garuda Vahana Seva begins at seven in the evening and continues till eleven in the evening (approx). It is anticipated that there will be a sizable turnout for the Annual Garuda Vahana Seva. After twelve o’clock in the afternoon, Devasthanam may close its doors to worshippers.

Tirumala TTD Pournami Garuda Seva 2023 Dates:

MonthPournami Date
January 20236/1/2023, Friday
February 20235/2/2023, Sunday
March 20237/3/2023, Tuesday
April 02025/4/2023, Wednesday
May 20235/5/2023, Friday
June 20223/6/2023, Sunday
July 20223/7/2023, Monday
August 20221/8/2023, Tuesday
August 202230/8/2023, Wednesday
September 202229/9/2023, Friday
October 202228/10/2023, Saturday
November 202227/11/2023, Monday
December 202226/12/2023, Tuesday

Tirumala 2023 Pournami Garuda Seva Dates Darshan Booking:

  • To get entry to Tirumala, one must first purchase a darshan ticket.
  • After you have entered your mobile phone number and solved the captcha, click the button labeled “Generate OTP.”
  • You will receive an OTP passcode on your mobile device at this time. After you have entered the 6-digit OTP, you will be prompted to click the ‘Login’ option.
  • To move on, you will need to check the box indicating that you accept the Covid-19 terms imposed by the temple on the Covid-19 Declaration Form and then click the “Agree” button.
  • You will see a calendar that you can use to select the days of the week on which you would like the template to be displayed. Following the selection of the day, you will be required to settle on a time window for your darshan.
  • The colour green shows that there are seats available, however the colour yellow indicates that seats are being used up quickly. The colour blue indicates that the daily darshan limit has not yet been achieved, however the colour red indicates that the limit has been reached for the number of tickets that can be distributed.
  • Fill in the blanks with information that is pertinent to the situation, such as the number of guests, the additional Laddu Prasadam, the number of rooms, and so on.
  • Enter the pilgrims’ information before moving on to the next page. This includes the pilgrims’ names, genders, ages, photo identification evidence, ID card numbers, and any other pertinent information.
  • SED (Rs.300) (Rs.300) You can make your payment with a debit card (ATM), online banking, or a credit card. The reservation will then be made for the TTD Online Ticket or Accommodation of your choice.
  • There is no cost associated with receiving Sarva Darshan.
  • Tickets for the Tirumala Darshan can now be printed at home or downloaded in pdf format from the website.

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