Tirumala HVC Hill View Cottage TTD Rooms Online Booking

Know the details about the Tirumala HVC Hill View Cottage TTD Rooms Online Booking, Tirumala HVC Guest Houses Room Booking Prices.

Tirumala is widely regarded as one of the most significant religious destinations in the nation. In addition, the temple serves as a significant spiritual hub for those who visit it. The devotees are going to travel from far and wide to make their way to the Tirumala shrine. The TTD will be making a large number of preparations in order to serve the needs of the pilgrims.

For the convenience of pilgrims who want to spend the night at Tirumala, the TTD constructed a large number of rest homes. Pilgrims who want to spend the night at Tirumala may do so by making reservations at one of these rest homes. The pilgrims who want to spend one more day in Tirumala will find this information to be of great use. The TTD is responsible for the construction of several rest homes for the pilgrims. These rest facilities have the capacity to lodge lakhs of pilgrims every single day through their thousands of available rooms. The TTD provides both an online and an offline booking option for pilgrims interested in reserving one of these accommodations.

Tirumala HVC Hill View Cottage TTD Rooms Online Booking

  • The pilgrims won’t have any trouble at all reserving these lodgings for their stay. The official website of the TTD is where pilgrims may go to make their reservations online.
  • Pilgrims may make offline lodging reservations at the CRO Office in Tirumala. The office is located in Tirumala.
  • Hill View Cottage, sometimes referred to as the HVC Cottage is located in the holy town of Tirumala. Online accommodation reservations are available for pilgrims looking to stay at Hill View Cottages.
  • Pilgrims may also choose to visit the Tirumala temple in order to make an offline reservation for a room at the CRO Office, provided that there are rooms available. The Hill View Cottage will have a rent that starts at one thousand rupees per month.
  • Actually, all you have to do is pay fifty rupees every day. As a result, the rating that I gave was based on that.
  • For that price, it meets all expectations of a pleasant location to stay
  • But make sure u prebook before u arrive here usually one month in advance. otherwise, it’s going take 3 hours to get that.

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Things That Is Very Important To Note

  • Make every effort to provide sheets because they don’t offer you that and it would be best if you brought your own.
  • You don’t get hot water there (in our private room, got some outside).
  • Only via the offline mode is it possible to reserve a room. You may accomplish this goal by going to any of the Room Allotment Centres in Tirumala, one of which is the CRO.
  • INR50rps 24Hrs is the fee that must be paid in order to reserve a room. There are no hidden fees At the time of booking, one is also required to provide a valid ID (such as Aadhar or a driver’s license).
  • In most cases, a wait of more than an hour is required in order to be assigned a room.
  • The maximum number of guests that may be accommodated in one of HVC’s rooms is 5. Each cottage has its own private bathroom and shower.
  • It has a steady supply of both water and power at all times. Going outdoors to one of the many free hot water stations is required in order to get hot water.
  • After each time a room is vacated, it is subject to a cleaning process. The reaction from staff is satisfactory.
  • A designated bus stop may be found next to the HVC inquiry office. In addition, there is access to free food and drinking water from stands located close to the bus stop.

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