Tirumala Kalyana Mandapam AP Online Booking Procedure Cost

Know The Complete Details About Tirumala Kalyana Mandapam AP Online Booking Procedure Cost, Registration Process, And Kalyana Mandapam Booking Online Procedure

Tirupati Tirumala The Venkateswara Swamy Temple is considered to be the holiest of all Hindu temples. Located in the hill town of Tirumala, which is located in the Tirupati District of Andhra Pradesh, the temple is an example of the architectural style known as Dravidian.
The crew at Tirupati Tirumala Info is dedicated to assisting pilgrims in having a wonderful and eventful Tirupati Yatra. They do this by offering all of the information that is necessary for having a comfortable stay, as well as services for Tirumala Tirupati online booking and a pleasant darshan. Our area of expertise is in the planning and execution of local excursions, as well as the reservation of accommodations in independent hotels. You are welcome to make use of our experience in order to ensure that your vacation is one to remember. Get in touch with us right away for further information on the TfD online booking process.

Tirumala Kalyana Mandapam AP Online Booking Procedure Cost

First things foremost, you should make every effort to schedule your darshan either offline or online. On the official TTD website, passengers may make online reservations for TTD tickets costing Rs. 300.
Then, once you have arrived in Tirumala and have completed the tonsure process, take a bath in Koneru, which is situated right next to the “Varaha Swamy” temple, and pay a visit to the “Varaha Swamy Temple,” doing so is a ritual. After that, you will go inside the temple to receive the blessings of the “Dwajasthambam.” After that, you will step inside, and once you do, I ask that you give Lord Venkateswara your undivided attention as he is bathed in the light of the lamps. After that, you should have a darshan of Vakula Devi, who is the mother of Venkateswara, and then you should take the theertham. You will be able to see the golden well right next to the temple. After that, make your way to the Ananda Nilayam to have a glimpse of Vimana Venkateswara Swamy. Then, have the blessing of Maha Lakshmi before you travel to Hundi, and once you get there, have a darshan of “Yoga Narasimha.” There will be a pillar in that spot, and it will be the first pillar set when the building of the temple starts. Next is the pan mala stone, which is heated during the abhisheka ceremony in order to melt the sandal that is offered to the deity. After then, please consume the prasadam.

Requirements For Marriage In Tirumala

  • Bride, Groom, Bride parents, and Groom parent’s Aadhar Cards While making a reservation, photocopies of the necessary documents are required to be sent in.
  • The photocopies of the bride and groom’s tenth-grade report cards are required to be supplied.
  • At the time of booking, the whole hall rental fee is due to be paid.
  • Upon the completion of the confirmation, the receipt for the booking will be sent by courier.
  • With every booking of the marriage hall, a total of two rooms will be made available.
  • The bride, groom, and up to four other members of the wedding party are permitted to enter Darshan using the Supadam or ATC Automobile parking entrances.
  • A demand draught in the amount of Rs. 200 is necessary for the procedure of registering a marriage and may be obtained at Tirumala.
  • Lagna Patrika in the specific format that is needed, and it is possible to arrange for it right here in Tirumala itself.

Other Information About Tirumala Kalyana Mandapam AP Online booking Procedure

  • On the 90th day, the booking will become available. Parents are required to be present in order to book the venue.
  • In the event that the parents in question have passed away, late certificates will need to be supplied before the venue may be reserved. The production of medical certifications is required in the event that the parents are unable to travel.
  • Darshan will be made accessible for a total of six people. It is only applicable to those couples who want to exchange their vows at Tirumala.
  • There are 20 Kalyanotsavam tickets set aside for the Seva scheduled for the next day. Invitations to weddings and Aadhar cards are necessary in order to book a Seva ticket at the CRO office.

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Registration Process For Marriage In Tirumala

  • Bride, Groom, Bride Parents, and Groom parent’s photocopies of the Aadhar cards
  • Photocopies of the Bride and Groom’s Tenth Grade Worksheets
  • Invitation to the wedding and hall receipt are needed, together with three witnesses, for the registration.
  • The SMC Tirumala has an on-site registration office for guests.

This Is The Complete Details About Tirumala Kalyana Mandapam AP Online booking Procedure

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