Tirumala New Year 2023 Darshan Timings Online Booking

Know the latest details about the Tirumala New Year 2023 Darshan Timings Online Booking, Tirumala New Year 2023 Darshan Timings

One of the busiest times of year in Tirumala is New Year’s. On January 1, which is New Year’s Day, the Tirumala temple is always full of people. Every year, the Vakunta Ekadasi festival is held before or after New Year’s Day, so a huge crowd is expected on this day. So this is why there will be so many people at the Tirumala temple. Pilgrims should be ready for the Darshan on New Year’s Day at Tirumala. There isn’t a set system for the pilgrims who come to Tirumala on this day, which is a shame.

Every year, the TTD will try out new ways for the pilgrims to get Darshan. This is a test to make sure that the pilgrims can get to the Darshan without any trouble. Even if that happens, the pilgrims will still have a lot of problems every New Year’s Day. This is because a lot of people come to the temple on these days to pray. Here are some details about the New Year’s Day Tirumala Darshan.

Tirumala New Year 2023 Darshan Timings Online Booking

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Tirumala New Year 2023 Darshan Timings:

  • On New Year’s Day, all of the Seva at the Tirumala temple will be cancelled by the TTD. On these days, neither the service for pilgrims nor the Darshan that goes along with it will be available. Pilgrims can’t sign up for the Seva online on January 1.
  • Also, the Special Darshan will be available only to pilgrims who book the Rs 300 Darshan in advance online. The wait time for the Special Darshan will also be longer on this day.
  • Special Darshan can be booked online, and pilgrims won’t be able to book offline special darshan at the Tirumala temple.
  • On New Year’s Day, the wait time for Free Darshan will be longer than 24 hours. The pilgrims should expect the same thing.
  • The Special Privileged Darshan will be closed to senior citizens, people with disabilities, non-resident Indians, and VIPs.

Tirumala New Year 2023 Darshan Online Booking:

  1. Press the “Special Entry Darshan (Rs.300)” link to book tickets for Special Entry Darshan.
  2. Wait in the virtual line, and the login page will open when the time to wait is up.
  3. Enter your phone number and the code you see on the screen, then click the “Generate OTP” box.
  4. Enter the six-digit OTP into the OTP box, and then click the “Login” button.
  5. Read the Covid-19 declaration form and click the “I Agree” box to move on.
  6. On the new web page, there will be a calendar where you can choose the dates you want to go to the temple and the time you want to do the darshan.
  7. The green colour will show that there are still slots available, the yellow colour will show that seats are filling up quickly, the blue colour will show that the ticket limit hasn’t been set yet, and the red colour will show that the darshan for that date is currently full.
  8. After you choose the date and time, you can submit the information asked for on the page, such as the number of people, the number of extra laddus, or the number of rooms needed.
  9. Fill in the personal information asked for on the new page, and then click “Continue” when you’re done.
  10. Pay for the ticket online using Internet Banking, a Credit Card, a Debit Card, an ATM Card, or UPI. Don’t refresh the page while you’re paying, or your transaction will be cancelled.
  11. After you finish paying, the TTD online ticket of your choice will be reserved.

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