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Each year, Tirumala is visited by millions of devotees in search of a glimpse of Lord Balaji. Tens of thousands of people visit every people. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has invited volunteer services from devotees and created a program called “Srivari Seva” in order to provide extraordinary service to pilgrims who travel from all over the nation. This is done in order to accommodate pilgrims who come from different regions of the country.

There have also been several Acharyas who have served devotees, such as Tirumala Nimbi, Ramnjunacharya, and Anathalvar. Those devotees interested in participating in the ‘Srivari seva’ may register at the ‘Srivari seva’:Sadan located within the RTC bus terminus in Tirumala.

Tirumala Seva Sadan Rooms Online Booking Phone Number And Online, Offline

Offline Registration For Srivari Sevakulu

  • One must send a letter of request at least 30 days in advance to the following address in order to register for the Srivari Seva.
  • Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, T.T.D Administrative Building, K.T. Road, Tirupati-517501. Address: The Public Relations Officer.

Online Registration For Srivari Sevakulu

  • A devotee’s cell phone number is required for registration.
  • Once you have established yourself as the head of the squad, you are free to recruit more Sevaks.
  • Once you have added a team with at least 10 members, you can pick the Seva Date.

The Spheres Of Activity Through Which Devotees Are Able To Assist Pilgrims

  1. Annadanam.
  2. Queue Lines.
  3. kalyana katta.
  4. Gardens.
  5. laddu counters.
  6. vaikuntum Queue complex(I&II).
  7. The transport is free.
  8. Pilgrims Amenities complexes (Yastrisadans).

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Instructions That Apply To Everyone

  • Srivari Seva is a kind of volunteer service in which pilgrims provide free services to one another in exchange for the opportunity to get the darshan of Lord Venkateswara on a daily basis.
  • Pilgrims and devotees who are interested in participating in Srivari Seva should sign up for the service online. Participants in Srivari Seva shall be referred to as “Srivari Sevakulu” from this point on.
  • Only members of the Hindu faith shall be considered for the Srivari Sevakulu.
  • Only Srivari Sevakulus who are between the ages of 18 and 60 shall be eligible for Srivari Seva. This age restriction applies to both genders.
  • The Srivari Sevakulu, which includes both men and women, who register for Srivari Seva should be healthy. This means that they should be physically strong and mentally well since they must conduct the Seva for a longer length every day. In such cases, they will not be accepted for service even if they are within the age restriction that has been set, and the administration will have the ultimate discretion in choosing who will be a volunteer for Srivari Seva.
  • It was inappropriate for Srivari Sevakulu to be engaged in any criminal activity or cases.

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The Age Range For Participants In SriVari Seva

  • Is Between 18 and 60 years old.
  • Daily minimum requirement of six hours of service.

Tirumala Seva Sadan Rooms Online Booking Phone Number

  • If you need to get in touch with the Seva Sadan in Tirumala, the number to call is 1800 425 4141. The Tirumala customer care service is another option for pilgrims who want to get information on the Seva Sadan that is available to them.
  • Online room reservations may be made by pilgrims, and if the temple has vacancies in its Seva Sadan, those reservations will be honored and the rest house will be assigned to pilgrims.
  • It is not possible for pilgrims to make reservations directly with the Seva Sadan. In addition, the Seva Sadan rest house is used particularly for the purpose of providing lodging for the volunteers who go to Tirumala in order to participate in the Srivari Seva.

Dress Code For Srivari Sevakulu

  • For men, a white shirt and white trousers (also known as dhotis or kurta pyjamas) are appropriate attire.
  • During military duty, women are expected to wear orange sarees with maroon borders.

Note: In their individual housing centers, female Sevakulu should not wear nightgowns, while male volunteers should wear shorts throughout the night.

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