Tirumala Seva TTD Electronic Lucky DIP Results Check Online

Know the latest news on Tirumala Seva TTD Electronic Lucky DIP Results Check Online , TTD Tirumala Seva Electronic Lucky DIP Results Check Online 


For arjitha seva, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Board has started distributing TTD electronic lucky dip tickets. The TTD board randomly selects candidates for the Arjitha Seva based on available slots. The Arjitha Sevas Thomala seva, Archana, Nijapada Darshanam, Suprabatha Darshanam Seva, Astadala Pada Padmaradhana, and Visesha Pooja are all included in the Lucky DIP.

Every devotee had access to the random distribution, which had been going on for three years. In the inner sanctuary, Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy is visible to pilgrims who have received the Arjitha Seva. Since 2016, the temple management board has begun releasing the TTD electronic Seva once each month on the website. Some of these Seva tickets were set aside for certain days, while others were utilised every day for temple events.

Tirumala Seva TTD Electronic Lucky DIP Results Check Online 

Allotment will be completed every time on Tuesday after registration closes on the fourth day after the opening date. The system will automatically end the enrollment at 10 a.m. Two hours later, at 12:00 PM, the results are made public. Selected applicants get email and SMS notifications in the interim.

How can I register for the TTD Electronic Lucky Dip for the online booking of Arjitha Seva?

  1. New users must register their ttd user login before using the ttd website for the first time. You may now register simply logging in to the website if you are a registered devotee.
  2. Select the Seva Electronic Dip option from the menu bar. A calendar containing service listings has now appeared. Select your date and check the seva names you want from the list.
  3. Enter the details of your devotees after that. Select the stored individuals from the add option if you have them in your list.
  4. Go ahead and sign up for the Lucky Dip on the booking paper. An email and SMS alert with the transaction number will be sent to you for confirmation. On the website, you may check your progress once enrollment is finished.

How to Look Up the TTD Tirumala Lucky Dip 2022 Results:

  • They will be informed if they are selected. If not, or if you are unsure, verify your TTD login first. You may simply verify whether you have access to do so.
  • Before entering the website to check, please check any email folders and your SMS alerts. For Lucky Dip registration, only a passport and an Aadhar UID are allowed.
  • Devotees have the option to search by their name, enrollment number, mobile number, email, and Aadhar number. From the day of allocation until the following Friday, the option is up for grabs.
  • You may also browse the whole Electronic Dip Selection List as an alternative. The homepage of the tirupati balaji website has this paper accessible.

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How to View the Selection List for the Tirumala Seva Electronic Lucky DIP Results Online?

  1. Visit the official website and input your login credentials to continue.
  2. Please enter your Aadhaar, mobile, or enrollment number.
  3. The search results will be shown on the screen after selecting the search option from the menu.
  4. You may download the list for your personal use.
  5. New allocation dates have been issued by the TTD board. Pilgrims may pick from a variety of seva, and if they do, they can pay online via the TTD internet portal.

How to Pay for Selected Arjitha Seva Tickets from the Tirumala Lucky Dip in 2022:

If a devotee’s ticket is selected for Arjitha seva at Tirumala, they have 24 hours from the time the Lucky Dip results are revealed to finish the online payment. In any case, there is no grace period for online payments, and if your transaction fails, you may try again to purchase a seva ticket.

  1. Enter your USER ID and password from the Arjitha Seva Lucky Dip Registration at tirupatibalaji.ap.gov.in to log in.
  2. An online payment option is available for booking histories.
  3. Get your Arjitha seva booking receipt after completing your online payment.
  4. When you go for darshan, bring it together with your ID cards and the Covid 19-negative certificate.

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