Tirumala Srivari Mettu Walking Footway Opening Timings Today

Know the latest news on Tirumala Srivari Mettu Walking Footway Opening Timings Today, Tirumala Srivari Mettu Walking Footway Opening Timings 

Legend has it that Lord Venkateswara Swamy himself took this path to Tirumala after getting married to Goddess Padmavathi. Since these stairs are holy, it is best to walk on them without shoes.

Srivari Mettu: 2.10 kilometres

Total time: 2 hours 15 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes to get to the top of the hill.

  • All together, there are 2,350 steps.
  • Only people who have Darshan passes can walk up the stairs to Tirumala.
  • There are no ticket booths along the route for Divya Darshan.

Tirumala Srivari Mettu Walking Footway Opening Timings Today

Tirumala Walking Trails:

From Tirupati to Tirumala, there are two ways to walk. Sopanamargas is the name for these paths. People who had made a promise to Lord Venkateswara would follow this path from Tirupati to Tirumala. Both trails are completely covered, and they go over seven of the Seshachalam Hills.

Alipiri Mettu is the first and oldest trail. It starts in Alipiri and goes for 11 km and has 3,550 steps. In Alipiri, there is a temple called Padala Mandapam that is for Lord Venkateswara. There are four Gopurams along the way (Temple Towers).

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Srivari Mettu begins at Srinivasa Mangapuram, around 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) from Tirupati. It stretches for 2.1 kilometres (1.3 miles). The Alipiri Mettu path is 2388 steps longer than this one.

In November 2021, the city had a lot of rain, which caused flash floods that washed away the Srivari Mettu walking path to Tirumala. The TTD trust board gave Rs 3.6 crore to pay for the renovations and made sure they were done on time and without any problems.

The Srivari Mettu path will be open to the public on May 5, 2022. It will lead to the Lord Venkateswara hill temple.

The hours of operation for the Srivari Mettu Tirumala Walking Footpath today are:

The hours Srivari Mettu Tirumala is open are from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Pilgrims who walk up the hills to Tirumala can get the following services from TTD:

  • There is no charge for getting luggage to Tirumala. When pilgrims leave their bags at one of Tirupati’s choultries or the Alipiri Toll Gate, they will be given a token. They can get their bags from the Central Reception Office Counter in Tirumala.
  • While walking down the street, a person drinks water.
  • Toilets
  • Shelters to stop and rest at key points along the way.
  • Security officers are always on the lookout for people who might try to scam or steal from pilgrims.
  • Local broadcasting infrastructure is used to send out religious programmes.
  • All along the road, there is medical help available 24 hours a day.
  • Cafeterias that serve food and drinks

Before you go to Tirumala, think about the following:

  • Pilgrims must show proof of vaccination (two doses) or a covid-19 negative certificate obtained within 72 hours of the day of darshan.
  • The TTD darshan ticket bookd cannot be returned or given to someone else.
  • During your temple visit, you must wear a mask, keep your distance from other people, and sometimes wash your hands.

The dress code for the Tirumala is as follows:

  • People who go to the temple are expected to wear traditional clothes. Men must wear a Dhoti/pyjama and a shirt/uttariya with sleeves that cover their shoulders.
  • Female candidates must wear a saree, a half-saree with a top, or Chuddidar pyjamas with an outer garment.

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