Tirumala Srivari Padalu Visiting Timings Route Distance Guide

Know the details about the Tirumala Srivari Padalu Visiting Timings Route Distance Guide, Srivari Padalu Tirumala Distance, and Steps Count.

There are two stone footpath pathways leading to Tirumala for pilgrims who would like to do Tirumala darshan by walking. These routes both lead to the holy site. They are Alipiri Mettu and Srivari Mettu. These paths are together referred to as Sopana Marg. Divya Darshan refers to the category of pilgrimage undertaken by those who travel to Tirumala via the Alipiri and Srivari Mettu paths.

Divya Darshan is an efficient and cost-free darshan facility that also provides free lodging and food for travelers along the road. The TTD has made a number of amenities available to the pilgrims who journey along those paths in order to reach Lord Venkateswara.

Tirumala Srivari Padalu Visiting Timings Route Distance Guide

Tirumala Darshan is sometimes referred to as the Walk Procedure, Although the Srivari Mettu Route is an older pedestrian path, getting to Tirumala Temple along it takes significantly less time.

  • Walking Routes: Alipiri Mettu, Srivari Mettu
  • Time Commitment: Four to Fourteen Hours
  • Total Distance: 2.1 km (Srivari Mettu). 9 kilometres (Alipiri Mettu)
  • (Alipiri Mettu) There are a total of 3600 steps. 2400 (Srivari Mettu)
  • Alipiri Mettu has a timing of 24 hours for the route.
  • Srivari Mettulu Timings Would be from Morning 6 to 6 PM In the evening they would allow devotees to walk in Srivari Mettulu.

Specifics Of The Srivari Metttu Route, Including Its Length And Travel Times

Alipiri Mettu is a more recent addition to the network of footpaths known as the Srivari Mettu Route. The overall distance traveled is approximately 2.1 kilometers, and the approximate number of steps taken is 24 hundred. It takes most people around an hour and a half to go to the Tirumala shrine using this path.

The Tirupati Tourist Development Corporation (TTD) offers free bus service between the Tirupati railway station and bus terminal and the Srivari Mettu starting point. The bus stand and train station are located 17 kilometers away from Srivari Mettu. On the road to Srivari Mettu, you will come across Alipiri Entrance. Walks to the temple can begin for pilgrims at the Srivari Mettu Entrance. the temple is about a mile away.

The Srivari Mettu route is only available during the daytime hours. This path can only be traveled by pilgrims between the hours of six in the morning and six in the evening. During the night, the path will continue to be completely closed.

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Trekking Guide – Beginning Location And Biological Metric Token

  • This location, which is also known as Srinivasa Mangapuram and Shri Krishna Devaraya Sadan, is referred to as the Srivari Entrance or the Srivari Starting Point.
  • It will take more time to complete the first few steps of the journey. Nevertheless, the majority of the way is concealed by roofs made of concrete. This structure has been made possible by TTD in order to shield pilgrims from the scorching heat and heavy rain.
  • Following the completion of a journey consisting of 1250 steps, a Divya Darshan Bio-Metric Token facility will become accessible to the traveler. The token provisioning service is offered at no cost. Pilgrims are required to report to the temple within the allotted time after they have collected all of the tokens.
  • The phrase “the shoes of God” can also be translated as “Srivaari Mettu.” Therefore, in order to show reverence for the deity, all devotees pray while wearing their footwear atop their heads.
  • At step number 2050, there is a Divya Darshan Token Checking Point that can be used. To complete the verification process, the Divya Darshan token needs to be stamped. If there is no stamp on the token, it will be disregarded as invalid.
  • From there, travelers would reach the entrance to Tirumala after ascending between 300 and 400 stairs.

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